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London County Council 1912

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for London County Council]

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Report of the County Medical Officer—Education.

Dr. Shrubsall has made a somewhat further analysis of Mr. Eimslie's records to ascertain the subsequent history ot these cases, with the results shown in the following table:—

Result at date on last note.Admitted for observation as possible heart disease. No evidence found to date.No evident heart lesion.Heart lesions suspected but not demonstrably valvular in nature.Definite heart disease.
History of chorea. No recurrence after admission to physically defective school.Recurrent attacks of chorea while attending physically defective school.History of rheumatism.History of rheumatism and choreaHistory of recurrent chorea.No history of rheumatism— nature of lesion not certain.Adherent pericardium — no valvular lesion evident.Congenital heart disease.Mitral stenosis.Double mitral.Mitral incompetenceMitral and aortic.AorticTotal.
Still in physically defective school15262113827244588362321619507
Elementary school2337411259743211136
Mentally defective school231124-13
Private, secondary or other schools1-1118-12
At work112013789165179185201
Left at 16—unfit for much work--5---7-17273261
Lost sight of—ailing at last note124153122130
Lost sight of—fair condition at last note116512352213160
Left London423231320240

It is probable that the majority of those who were lost sight of subsequent to being invalided
have died. There has thu3 been a fatality rate of between 8 and 15 per cent, in five years, but, on the
other hand, 30 per cent. have been able to return to the ordinary schools or to proceed to productive
The antecedent history of the 743 cases of acquired valvular disease of the heart is of interest,
and shows the frequency with which this disease has been preceded by rheumatism or chorea.

The following tables give this information for boys and girls respectively.

Antecedent history.Nature of valvular lesion.
Boys.Mitral stenosis.Double mitral.Mitral incompetenceMitral and aortic.Aortic.Total.
Rheumatism and chorea-2102216
Rheumatism and scarlet fever-14117
Scarlet fever-15--6
No history of illness at onset and no history of rheumatism or chorea213566380
Antecedent history. Girls.Nature of valvular lesion.
Mitral stenosis.Double mitral.Mitral incompetenceMitral and aortic.Aortic.Total.
Rheumatism and chorea-629-35
Rheumatism and scarlet fever1291-13
Scarlet fever17311
No history of illness at onset and no history of rheumatism5189523123

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