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London County Council 1912

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for London County Council]

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178 Annual Report of the London County Council, 1912.

Twelve (1 boy, 11 girls) were rejected for reasons set out below. Some of the candidates were rejected for more than one defect—

Scholarship. (1)Number rejected. (2)Reason of rejection.
Want of cleanliness. (3)Heart. (4)Teeth. (5)Vision. (6)
Domestic economy...11...8...1...3...1

The Council's awards for the training of elementary school teachers provide a complete scheme
by means of which a boy or girl may proceed by various stages from the public elementary school to
a training college for teachers, and when conducting the examination the medical officer is required
to certify that the candidates are in a fit state of health to take advantage of a scholarship, and that
they are likely ultimately to satisfy the requirements of the Board of Education for recognition as certificated
teachers. The ages of the candidates are as follows—
Pupil teachers of handicraft not less than 14 on the 31st July in the year of the award ;
bursars, 16 to 18 ; student teachers, not less than 17 ; training college students, not less
than 18 on 1st August of the year of admission to a college ; domestic economy training
scholars, 18 to 30. The results of the medical examination are shown in Appendix IV.

Of the 454 candidates who were referred, 17 were referred more than once for reasons indicated below—

Awards. (1)Number referred a second time. (2)Referred for
Want of cleanliness. (3)Teeth. (4)Vision. (5)
Student teachers...3.........1...3
Training college students...6...1...1...4

One of the candidates was referred again for two defects.

29 candidates (12 males, 17 females) were rejected for the reasons given in the subjoined table-

Awards. (1)Number rejected. (2)Cause of rejection.
Teeth. (3)Hearing. (4)Vision. (5)Heart. (6)Sundry. (7)
1 goitre1 hernia
Student teachers54............111...3 1 speech31 phthisis
1 lungs1 goitre
1 lungs1 lungs
Training college students610...1...1121342 speech4/ 2 chest
1 gen. health1 gen. health

One of the candidates was rejected for two defects.
Personal hygiene schemes.
The Council, as the education authority, has powers Under the London County Council (General
Powers) Act, 1907, and the Children Act, 1908, to convey to suitable premises and there cleanse children
who are found in school in a verminous condition. In order to take advantage of these powers, the
Council arranged for the establishment of 24 cleansing stations. In certain parts of the county, pending
the completion of the scheme, the method adopted by the late School Board for dealing with those
children whose heads alone are verminous has continued in operation with one slight modification.