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London County Council 1912

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for London County Council]

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Annual Report of the London County Council, 1912.
The following table compares the numbers of persons included as "homeless," found to be
taking shelter on staircases and under arches on the particular nights on which enumeration was made
in the several years. Details are also given as to the weather conditions obtaining on each of six

Weather conditions and number of persons found on staircases and under arches.

Year.Weather conditions.Males.Females.Total.
1904Cold at first followed by rain10068168
1907Fine and not very cold--50
1909Heavy rain followed by strong, cold wind493988
1910Fine and not very cold102030
1911Fine and not very cold125365
1912Rain early, afterwards fine and not cold252348

In previous reports it has been pointed out that in any comparison of figures relating to homeless
persons some attention must be paid to the extent of occupation of common lodging-houses and
casual wards, as there is a continual interchange among the inmates of these two classes of institutions
and the homeless class. I therefore submit tables showing the use made of common lodging-house
and casual ward accommodation on certain specified dates. For the figures relating to the casual wards
I am indebted to Sir James Davy, K.C.B., of the Local Government Board.

Licensed Common Lodging Houses.

Date.Authorised accommodation.Number of persons occupying beds.
29th January, 190425,7182,28144728,89321,0581,517390 87 Children23,442
17th February, 190525,6712,45042228,96521,0551,578357 34 Children23,381
8th February, 190725,5992,436½24528,52520,4381,59820722,450
15th January, 190925,9762,36524528,83120,0591,48316121,864
18th February, 191025,9022,34424528,73619,3461,45617721,156
17th February, 191125,3762,37624528,24219,4701,35618921,204
9th February, 191225,3522,45524528,29719,7101,373196 24 Children21,499

Casual Wards.

Date.Accommodation. Beds.How used. Persons.
Men.Women.Women and children.Total.Men.Women.Children.Total.
29th January, 19041,2434101141,7671,03417591,218
17th February, 19051,2634201201,80392621031,139
8th February, 19071,8821,137
15th January, 19091,2414441221,8071,00118431,188
18th February, 19101,2194541191,79292817361,107
17th February, 19111,2204521231,7959621291,091
9th February, 19121,2334561251,81490013211,033

The next table shows the common lodging-house and casual ward accommodation, the extent of its use, and the number of homeless persons in each year.

Date.Accommodation (beds).Persons.
C.L.H.Cas. wards.Total.C.L.H. (Inmates.)Cas. wards. (Inmates.)Homeless.Total.1
29th January, 190428,8931,76730,66023,4421,2181,79726,457
17th February, 190528,9651,80330,76823,3811,1392,18126,701
8th February, 190728,5251,88230,40722,4501,1372,40425,991
15th January, 190928,8311,80730,63821,8641,1882,38825,440
18th February, 191028,7361,79230,52821,1561,1072,74725,010
17th February, 191128,2421,79530,03721,2041,0911,78524,080
9th February, 191228,2971,81430,11121,4991,0331,20323,735

*These figures do not include the persons in the unlicensed homes and institutions referred to in Table No. IV.
who might also be regarded as belonging to the common lodging house class.