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London County Council 1912

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for London County Council]

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Annual Report of the London County Council, 1912.

The following figures, which are taken from the annual reports, show the extent to which the existing shelters were used during the year 1912, for the accommodation of persons and families, while their homes were being disinfected.

Metropolitan borough.No. of persons accommodated.Metropolitan borough.No. of persons accommodated.
City of LondonKensington(a)
Bethnal GreenPaddington(a)
Chelsea33St. Marylebone15
DeptfordSt. Pancras22
Hackney13Stoke Newington
HampsteadWestminster, City of


The number of bodies received into the mortuaries of the metropolitan borough councils during the year is shown in the following table :—

Metropolitan borough.Total number of bodies received into mortuary.Number of infectious bodies received into mortuary.Metropolitan borough.Total number of bodies received into mortuary.Number of infectious bodies received into mortuary.
City of London191Kensington238_
Bethnal Groen3375Paddington2873
Chelsea114St. Marylebone2922
Deptford971St. Pancras41810
Hackney442Stoke Newington47
Hampstead107Westminster, City of3246

National Insurance Act, 1911.
The Public Health Committee in a report to the Council on the 11th February, 1913, in regard
to the treatment of tuberculosis, after setting out the provisions of sections 8 (1), 16 (1), 17, 64 (1), 64 (4)
of the Insurance Act, 1911, and the principal recommendations of the departmental committee on
tuberculosis, reported as follows:—
"The Local Government Board in a circular letter, dated 14th May, 1912, called attention to
the report of the departmental committee, and stated that they agreed generally with the findings of
the committee, including the financial recommendations in regard to the distribution of the capital
grant. The Board suggested that the Council of each county and county borough should forthwith
take the matter into serious consideration, and by conference and consultation with the other councils,
determine what action they should take. As a first step in formulating a scheme, the Board suggested
that the medical officer of health should be asked to submit a report setting out the existing means
for the tuberculosis within the county or county borough, whether in the hands of local authorities or
otherwise, and his estimate of the needs of the area generally.
"The circular letter above referred to was not addressed to the Council but was sent to other
county councils, the councils of boroughs (including the metropolitan boroughs) and urban and rural
(a) No shelter maintained by borough council. In the case of Holborn 14 persons were accommodated in the
Finsbury Borough Council's shelter.