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London County Council 1900

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for London County Council]

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The tables published iu the annual summary of the Registrar-General, prepared by
Mr. J. Glaisher, F.R.S., from observations at Greenwich, show that the mean temperature of
the air in 1900 was 50'4° Fahrenheit, or 1.6° above the average of the 129 years 1771-1899.
The rainfall during the year amounted to 22.32 inches and was 2.51 inches below the mean of
85 years.

The temperature and rainfall in each month of 1900 are shown in the following table—

Month.Temperature of the air.Departure from average of 129 years, 1771-1899.Rain.
Highest by day.Lowest by night.Mean for month.Number of days it fell.Amount collected.
deg. F.deg. F.deg. F.deg. F.inches.
January53.025.940.5+ 3.7222.28
February58.918.038.2— 0.6193.58
March55.321.638.8— 2.4130.92
April76.125.747.4+ 1.2110.92
May71.234.70l.6— 1.091.37
June89.445.35.5+ 1.1172.82
July94.046.366.8+ 5.151.41
August82.145.960.6— 0.4122.03
September82.640.457.9+ 1.361.14
October74.235.651.1+ 1.6141.55
November62.326.846.3+ 3.7192.02
December56.330.745.5+ 6.4182.28