London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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London County Council 1900

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for London County Council]

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Cemetery.Total area.Area not yet buried in. (Estimated by officers of burial boards and cemeteries.)
ii. Cemeteries having soils which consist party of clay. [London clay, boulder clay, sand and gravel of higher grounds, Thanet and Woolwich beds, and valley gravel and sand.]
Within county—
Private—Highgate (clay and Bagsliot sand)388
Parochial—Wandsworth (clay and river gravel and sand)3430
Deptford (clay only to slight extent on surface, chiefly Woolwich and Thanet beds)208
Lewisham „ „ „156
Outside county—
Private—Great Northern (clay and gravel)7056
Parochial—St. Pancras (boulder clay and gravel)10570
Islington „ „ „7949
St. Marylebone „ „4020
Total401 acresabout 247 acres

iii. Cemeteries having sails of gravel and sand.[Valley gravel, Bagshot sand and loam, Thanet, Woolwich and Blackheath beds.]

Within county—
Private—City and Tower Hamlets (river gravel)40No estimate. A small area only probably under 10 acres
Jewish, Mile-end (rivergravel]4½
Government—Brompton (river gravel)402
Parochial—Fulham (river gravel and sand)142
Hammersmith „ „188
Streatham „ „2625
Plumstead (Thanet, Woolwich andBlackheath beds)3227
Charlton ,, „ „84
Woolwich „ „ „32*19*
Putney, Old (river gravel)2JNone
Tooting Churchyard(gravel)A small area
Eltham Churchyard (sand)2|¾
Outside the county—
Private—Manor-park (river gravel)4520
East London „3022
Woodgrange „No information.
Woking (Bagshot sand)500400
Parochial—Kensington (river gravel)156
St. George, Hanover-square (river gravel)2414
City of London (river gravel)168100
Total1,001 acres (and unknown area in Woodgrange cemetery and Tooting-churchyard)about 660 acres (and unknown area in Woodgrange cemetery and Tooting-churchyard)

(17.) Summarising the above into those within and without the administrative county and
those in which the soil consists of clay, partly of clay and partly of gravel or sand, or of gravel and
sand, it appears that there are, so far as information is available—

Within county.

No. of cemeteries.Total area.Area unused.
Partly clay410752
Gravel and sand1221998

*From Parliamentary Return No. 412, July 26th, 1897.