London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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London County Council 1900

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for London County Council]

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No.Date of onset of illness.Date of notification.Sex and age.Milk supply.Ice-cream.As to consumption of fried fish.As to consumption of other kinds of fish and skell-fi'h.Remarks.
Aug. 31M. adultCondensed...Frequently ate fried fish obtained from YOther fish from AThis man was supposed to have "congestion of the lungs and bronchitis." He lived in the same house as case 27.
7Sept. 1Sept. 21M. 16BNeverOften bought fried fish from Y, as did also his brother, case 15, other members of the family rarely did soShell fish from ASee case 15.
8Sept. 1S ep t. 10F. 11Various sourcesSee case 4...Sister of case 4.
9Sept. 1Oct. 4F. 24CNeverEarly in September was staying at a friend's house where she frequently had fried fish from Y's shop......
10Sept. 3Sept. 15F. 5...NeverFamily obtained fried fish from Y frequentlyWinkles from various sources...
11Sept. 3Sept. 21F. 50D...Family obtain fried fish from YWinkles occasionallyEats watercress.
12Sept. 3Sept. 17F. 11......Mother does not buy fried fish. This girl and her two sisters, cases 20 and 43, often buy "fish and taters" at Y's, more often on a Friday than any other dayWinkles and shrimps from various sources...
13Sept. 4Sept. 14M. 25ENeverHas eaten some 6 pieces of fried fish since February last. Two of these he remembers buying from Y on two Saturday evenings, probably in 2nd and 3rd weeks of August. He bought l½d. piecesA, but very rarely. No shell fish...
14Sept. 4Sept. 14F. 8Condensed...The child used to buy fried fish from Y ; her mother very rarely did soBDrinks kaola and lemonade.
15Sept. 4Sept. 21M. 18BNeverSee case 7Shell fish from A...
16Sept. 4Sept. 14F. 34......Often ate fried fish obtained from Y...Mother of ease 6.
17Sept. 7M.......Fond of fried fish but it is not known where he obtained it...A fatal case, his relatives cannot be traced.
18Sept. 8Sept. 15F. 32......Says she did not eat fried fish. This case was found, at the hospital to which she went, not to be one of enteric fever...A lodger in the house where cases 6 and 16 lived.
18aSept. 8F. 2......This child stayed during the daytime when her mother was at work with her grandmother who lived in the affected area. She played in front of Y's shop, and almost certainly ate fried fish purchased thereBPlayed frequently with the boy, case 28.
19Sept. 9Sept. 19F. 28NestleAt a shop close byUsed to buy fried fish from Y on a Saturday night but does not remember doing so for some few weeks before Sept. 19. Other members of family never bought from Y.A, but very rarely
20Sept. 10Sept. 17F. 4......See ease No. 12See aboveSister of cases 12, 43, 44 and 52.