London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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London County Council 1900

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for London County Council]

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No.Date of onset of illness.Date of notification.Sex and age.Milk sapply.Ice-cream.As to consumption of fish, fried fish, shell fish, &c.As to use of swimming baths.Remarks.
38Sept. 11Sept. 21M. 16Head brandNeverHis mother says the only thing she had ever seen him eat at home, except bread and butter, was a bit of fried fish from X's. This he had on a Sunday, probably September 2nd. He himself corroborates this and says the bit of fish was bought by his sister on Saturday night, i.e., probably September 1stTo X baths, but some time before his illnessLived away from home, but visited there on Wednesday afternoons and on Sundays.
39Sept. 11Oct. 2M. llHead BrandNeverThe family does not obtain its fish from X, but the patient, who runs errands, and thus gets pennies, may have done this. His mother thinks it likely, as he is a friend of a boy (case 42) who is in the habit of obtaining his supper there. Occasionally has winkles from XNeverDrinks ginger-beer and kaola.
Sept. 11...M.......Obtained fried fish and other fish from X frequently for his mid-day meal. A friend of the man referred to in footnote on p. 11...Illness said to be "double pneumonia," it proved fatal on Sept. 19.
40Sept. 12Sept. 17F. 12...Probably notMother deals at X's, and often buys fried fish there. Child may have also bought independently; she spends her pennies in the street. She would not have bought shell fishNever...
41Sept. 12Oct. 2M. 7B. Also Cup BrandA and BThe family obtain fish and fried fish from X'sNeverSee cases 48 and 113.
42Sept. 12Sept. 29M. 16B.BOccasionally purchases winkles, and habitually buys fried fish at X's. On Saturday, Sept. 1, he and the boy case 37, went to the baths and then ate a number of things, including "fried fish and taters" at X's. He was upset next dayTo the X baths, "first class," on Sept. 1Fond of ginger-beer, also of fruit.
43Sept. 12Sept. 20M. 13NestleYes. From a shop away from the infected areaObtains fried fish from X's shop quite frequentlyTo X baths, but not to the swimming bath...
44Sept. 12...F. 13CondensedB., or elsewhereMother did not deal at X's. The children, particularly this child, were "terribly fond of fried fish, and they went for the half-penny bit at X's"...Case notified in Camberwell. Family lived, however, in infected area up to Sept. 11.
45Sept. 13Sept. 17M. 14Head brand"Not lately"The family obtain winkles and occasionally a haddock from X. The boy often bought "fried fish and taters" from X on bis own accountNut for more than a month before illnessNever watercress. Occasionally ginger-beer.
46Sept. 13Sept. 25M. 20Cup brandNeverPatient often used to buy "fried fish and taters" from X, but about the end of August, during the hot weather, he took a dislike to the fish. The family rarely or never bought fried fish; they still buy "taters" and occasionally wet fishNeverNever watercress. Mineral water and ginger-beer occasionally.
47Sept. 13Oct. 8F. 19Squirrel brandPossiblyLives at some distance from infected area, but works at premises within it, and was in the habit of bnying fried fish at X's. Other members of the family did not do this......
48Sept. 14Sept. 22F. 13Cup brandA and BThe family obtain fish and fried fish at X'sNeverA sister of case 41.