London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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London County Council 1900

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for London County Council]

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Table 3- Particulars as to the working of the Bacteria Beds.

No.Name of town or district.Time during which the beds were in use.Name or number of the bed used.Character of the liquid supplied to the beds.Particulars of the settling and of the Chemicals used for detritus tanks. treating the sewage previous to bacterial treatment.Number of hoursNumber of fillings per 24 hours.Number of contacts in successire beds.Quantity of sewage treated in 24 hours, per acre of bed, one foot deep. Calculated for the purpose of comparison. Gallons.Average percentage purification effected on the crude sewage, as measured by the relative quantities of
Occupied in filling the beds.During which the beds remained full (contact period).Occupied in emptying the beds.During which the beds remained empty (aeration period).Oxygen absorbed by the crude sewage and by the final bacteria bed effluent.Albuminoid ammonia present in the crude sewage and in the final bacteria bed effluent.
Capacity. Gallons.Length. Feet.Rate of flow of sewage through the tanks. Gallons per day.Name of chemical.Grains per gallon of sewage.
Average percentage purification.Number of hours occupied in absorption.Temperature at which absorption took place ° F.
47York21 April, 1899 to 31 Aug., 19011,2,3,4Closed septic tank effluent............1½ to 2 2 variable4 to 4½2 & 3l69,193 and 196,08565.4748061.97
13 June, 1899 to 13 Oct., 1900la, 2aCrude sewage which had been screened...• • •......var ied3255,56980.048072.0
8 June, 1899 to 15 Sept., 1900Ladder filter (10 chambers in series later, 2 sets of 5 chambers in series)Raw sewage............175,36844.348036.6
5 July, 1900 to 12 Mar., 1900York filterOpen septic tank effluent............continuo us process......327,63184.548090.0
23 Nov., 1900 to 1 J uly, 1901la, 2aOpen septic tank effluent...............233165,200 .78.648087.6
14 June, 18991,2, 3,4Closed septic tank effluent (finally treated on land filters)............
GravelOpen septic tank effluent (not satisfactory)............