London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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London County Council 1900

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for London County Council]

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Table 1. Particulars of the Bacteria Beds.

No.Name of town or district.Nature of installation. P.—Permanent. T.—Temporary.Number of beds.Distinctive number or name of each bed.Average or working area of the beds. Square feet.Measurement of the beds.Depth of the beds. Feet.Material and size of the material of which the beds are composed.Thickness of e ch layer of material, arranged in their order in the beds, from the top downwards.Method of under-draining the beds.Actual or estimated cost of making the beds.Actual or estimated cost per acre of making the beds.Cost of treating sewage per million gallons.
At top. Feet.At bottom. Feet.
37ReigateT.lPrimary coarse45021 ft. 3 in. (square)...3.5Broken bricks, coke and cinder, 3 inch to 1 inch mesh½ 1½ inch to ¾inch mesh ½ inch to 1/12inch mesh Broken bricks and coke ½ inch to 1/12 inch mesh ½ inch to 3/16 inch mesh Polarited clinkers,½ inch to 3/16 inch mesh Gas coke above 1½ inch mesh1 foot 6 inchesAgricultural tiles£ s. d.£ s. d.£ s. d.
1 „ 6 ,,
6 „
lSecondary fine45024 ft. dia. (circular)...3.59 „Bricks laid as stretchers with headers above ½ inch open joints
9 „
1 „ 6 „
38RochdaleT.21,800 (each)48 (in diameter)9Uniform throughoutPerforated semi-circular 18 inch pipes laid on bricks on a concrete floor5,000 - -(about) for construction of beds and coke only4 - - estimated
39SalfordP....Roughing beds.........3Gravel (fine)......7,000 - -- 16 -(exclusive of chemical precipitation and pumping)
T.14126......5 and 8Cinder, between 6 wire mesh and 2 wire mesh to inch
1, 2, 3
40SheffieldT.3let contact45,000......5Coke
1, 2, 3(total of 3)
32nd contact40,500 (total of 3)......31/3Coke
41SouthportT.2Coarse90030x3024 x 243Coke,½| inch meshUniformBy 6 inch open jointed earthenware pipes250 ... - (approximately)......
1Fine(each) 90030x3024 x 243Coke, ½ inch mesh
42Swinton and PentleburyP.10Primary...75x75...3.25Rough clinkers12 inch
10Secondary...75x75...Cinders above ½ inch mesh9 inch
Cinders above ¾ inch mesli6 inch
Cinders1/8 inch to 3/8 inch mesh12 inch
43WolverhamptonT. P.21810......4.25SlackUniform6 inch channels covered with perforated inverts...3,000 - -
24,5004.25Furnace ashes,3/16 in. to 1½ in. mesh
44WednesburyT.1Primary.........3Furnace clinkers, 2 inch24 inch
to 1 inch mesh Furnace clinkers, ¾ inch6 inch
to 5/8 inch mesh Furnace clinkers, ½ inch to 1/4 inch mesh6 inch
1Secondary.........5Coal, ¾ inch mesh3 inch
Coal, ½ inch mesh3 inch
Coal, ¾ inch to 1/4 in mesh24 inch
...1Secondary2,520......5Coal, 3/16 inch to 3/16 inch mesh Fine dust Granite, same size as24 inch 6 inch
45West BromwichP.1Single contract2,52060 x 42...3coal bed Engine ashes, ½ inch toNot gradedNo under drains in any of the beds. Valves fixed at the side for emptying400 - -
1Primary7,200120 x 60...352 inch mesh Engine ashes, ½ inch to600 - -
1Secondary7,200120 x 60...32 inch mesh Engine ashes, 1/8 inch to600 - -
46Worcester...3......80x3...2½ inch mesh Furnace ashes, 1 inch to 1/20 inchNo under drains