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London County Council 1900

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for London County Council]

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Deaths from several classes of disease.

Deaths from the several classes of disease registered in the Registration County of London (including the lunatic asylums and hospitals for infectious disease belonging to the county) are given by the Registrar-General in the Annual Summary of Births, Deaths and Causes of Death, and the following table has been prepared from the figures contained in the summary relating to the year 1900—

Causes of death.Corrected annual average 1890-9.1900.
Zymotic diseases15,31213,115
Parasitic „6545
Dietetic „664791
Constitutional diseases17,48316,969
Developmental „5,8545,992
Nervous „9,2108,236
Diseases of organs of special sense181216
Diseases of the circulatory system7,3737,295
Respiratory diseases18,54017,495
Diseases of the Digestive system5,4915,816
„ „ Lymphatic „119135
„ „ Urinary „2,4182,599
„ „ Generative ,,562461
„ „ Locomotive „297207
„ „ Integumentary system324346
Violence (accident)2,9973,155
Violence (other than accident)535516
Other causes3,0002,618
All Causes90,42586,007

The following table gives more detailed information concerning the principal diseases included in the constitutional, nervous, and respiratory groups—

Causes of death.Corrected annual average 1890-9.1900.
Rheumatic fever, rheumatism of heart411361
Tabes mesenterica1,201829
Tubercular meningitis1,2501,169
Scrofula, tuberculosis1,034.1,101
Other constitutional diseases702739
Other diseases of the brain and nervous system4,4473,890
Other diseases of the respiratory system1,4421,235

More exact comparison can be made of certain causes of death in London sanitary districts by
reference to the following table. These death rates are fully corrected for deaths in institutions
(see footnote (1), page 5), but are uncorrected for differences in age and sex distribution. Such
correction may perhaps, profitably be made when the death rates from these diseases, fully corrected
for institution deaths, can be ascertained for a more extended period than two or three years.
1 See footnote (2), page 5.