London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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London County Council 1900

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for London County Council]

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Table 3. Particulars as to the Capacity of the Bacteria Beds and as to the loss of Capacity during working.

No.Name of town or district.Name or number of bed.Capacity, when empty, of the tank containing the bed. Gallons.Original water capacity of the bed in the tank."Water capacity of the bed after use.Number of hours occupied in draining the bed.Number of days during which the bed had been resting previous to the measurement being made.Loss of capacity.Length of time during which the bed was in use.Number of fillings during the time.
Date.Gallons.Percentage of the empty tank.Date.Gallons.Percentage of the empty tank.Gallons.Percentage of original water capacity of the bed.
22HuddersfieldCoarse bed34,9319 Aug., 189819,00051-43 Mar., '999,00025.8...010,00052.829 weeks317
31 May, '997,300 *20.9...01,7008.913 „148
11 July, '996,10017.5...01,2006.36 „70
17 Oct., '995,60016.0...05002.614 „156
24 Jan., '004,80013.7...08004.214 „164
No. 10 Coarse bed (septic series) Fine bed (septic series)36,39225 July, 189819,94054-810 Feb., '027,90021.73012,04060.4185 „2,881
6,73822 Aug., 19003,99059-213 Jan., '021,77026.33012,22055.673 „
6,73822 Aug., 19003,90057-913 Jan., '022,28033.8301,62041.573 „
' *
23HydeNo loss of capacity so far as determined. Now working athigher speedthan before.
24Keighley• • •1,980...8 Mar., '0266033...None.
25KetteringFine sludge from the precipitation tanks clogs the surface of the beds, but in favourable weather the surface of the beds is loosened with a fork. This greatly improves the working of the beds. Road detritus appears to be retained in the Dortmund tanks, through which the sewage first flows.
3 beds406,000 eachJune to Aug., 1898170,000418130,000 (average)3202 to 3...40,00023-4Since 1898
1 „320,000Not me asuredEach bed rests 1 week and works three weeks when practicable. Figures relating to ca parity are working averages.