London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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London County Council 1900

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for London County Council]

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Table 1. Particulars of the Bacteria Beds.

So.Name of town or district.Nature of installation.Number of beds.Distinctive number or name of each bed.Average or working area of the beds.Measurement of the beds.Depth of the beds.Material and size of the material of which the beds are composed.Thickness of each layer of material, arranged in their order in the beds, from the top downwards.Method of under-draining the beds.Actual or estimated cost of making the beds.Actual or estimated cost per acre of making the beds.Cost of treating sewage per million gallons.
At top. Feet.At bottom. Feet.
P.—Permanent. T.—Temporary.Square feet.Feet.
22HuddersfieldT.2Coarse1,60040 x 4040 x 403.5Clinker, 5/8 inch to 5 inch mesh3 feet 6 inchesLand tiles£s.d.£s.d.£s.d.
Fine1,800......3.25Clinker, ¼ inch to 5/8 inch mesh9 inches„ „
Clinker, j inch to H inch mesh1 foot 11 inches
Clinker, rough ...7 inches
24No. 10 (One bed given as1,800 a type)48 x 3848 x 383.25Furnace clinker, \ inch to | inch mesh10 inches11 J>
Furnace clinker, j inch to 1^ inch mesh2 feet
Rough clinker ...5 inches
23Hyde...2Coarse bed28816.5 x 18.515.5 x l7.63.75Destructor clinker, -j®,- inch to ^ inch mesh Destructor clinker, linch to 3 inch, mesh3 inches (over part only)11 11
Fine bed28816.5 x 18.515.5 x 17.53.75Destructor clinker,6 inchesJ? 11
-J3, inch to \ inch mesli Destructor clinker,3 feet 3 inches
1...45 (diameter)......9j®, inch to 1 inch Coke rejected by 3 inch mesh9 feetHalf tiles on bricks, concrete floors150180
24KeighleyT.2Rough bed10010 x 1010 x 103.25Coke, 1 inch to 3 inch meshLand tiles4,500
Fine bed............j inch to 1 inch mesh5,000-3,540
25KetteringT.1...21021 x 1021 x 103Gravel pebbles3 inchesLand drain tiles, 2 inches indiameter laid herring-bone fashion to 3 inch central drain
P.2...16,268170 x 102162 x 944Coke ¼ inch to 1 inch mesh Coke breeze, 3/16 inch to 1½ inch mesh2 feet 9 inches
4 feetMain drain with cemented joints up centre of each bed, 12 inches in diameter for one-half the length, 9 inches for the other. Side drains, land tiles 2 inches in diameter, butt jointed, 5 feet apart, laid herring-bone fashion.
116,268170 x 102162 x 944Coke breeze, inch to 1½ inch mesh2 feet(about)
1...12,782170 x 81162 x 734Burnt ballast, ½ inch to 2 inch mesh
A layer of ircm furnace slag, 2 inches in thickness, was placed on the top of each bed.2 inch mesh2 feet