London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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London County Council 1900

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for London County Council]

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Table 1. Particulars of the Bacteria Beds.

No.Name of town or district.Nature of installation. P.—Permanent, T.—Temporary.Number of beds.Distinctive number or name of each bed.Average or working area of the beds. Square feet.Measurement of the beds.Depth of the beds. Feet.Material and size of the material of which the beds are composed.Thickness of each layer of material, arranged in their order in the beds, from the top downwards.Method of under-draining the beds.Actual or estimated cost of making the beds.Actual or estimated cost per acre of making the beds.Cost of treating sewage per million gallons.
At top. Feet.At bottom. Feet.
p.10...3,01962 feet in diameter each8.5 and 9Coke, 2 inch to 3 inch mesh...Half 18 inch perforated earthenware pipes laid on concrete bottom25-10,890--46
per sq. yard. Including excavation, concreting bottom, underdraining, brickwork in cement and coke.(about)
41,94449 feet 9 inches in diameter each3 and 9>) >> >>
2Aldershotp....Top or primary2,14658x37...4Clinkers, 3/8 inch15 inchesOnly by the packing of large material. No pipes are used2505,000_—
„ varying size33 „(about)
Bottom or secondary5,80058x1001.5„ generally fine2201,700
4AylesburyT.4...31,740Variesfrom5.0Coarse burnt ballast9 inch main drains (two mains to each large bed), with double junctions 2 feet apart and 3 inch agricultural pipes arranged in herring-bone fashion3,2006,40015
6total area50 x 30 to116x303.25Coke breeze(by contract) for coke breeze beds.
5BarnsleyT.3...32,400120 x 90...3Broken clinker and ashes¼ inch mesh...9 inchesBy land tiles and square longitudinal1,3431091,400
½ „9 „drains 18 inches by 12 inches(about)
1 „9 ,,including the open septic tank
1½ „9 „
6BirminghamT.81 to 8133,656150x150148J x148J3Coke, 1 inch to 1} inchSimilarThe whole bed is laid on a false bottom, in which there are channels 6 inches by 6 inches and 148 feet long48,000--12,000
44,552150x150148Jxl48j3Destructor clinker, 1 i:icl> to If inchthroughout^ilUUUL )(about)
7BlackburnT.1...4,770......5.5CokeSimilar3 inch agricultural drain tiles laid herring-bone fashion in channels covered with 2 inch stone covers. There is a fall of 18 inches in each bed
1...4,770......5.5Coke breezethroughout
8Bloxwich district ofT.8Primary.........2.5½ inch to 1/16inchLand tiles1,000--5,000-
Walsall8-Secondary.........25½ inch to dust
9Bristol— At KnowleT.2Knowle132 each22x622x66Washed clinker from destructor which passed through a 2 inch ring•••No pipes, floor inclined from centre to border
At St. John's-laneT.1St. John's39622½ diameter30 diameter3