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London County Council 1900

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for London County Council]

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The various experiments at the Southern Outfall Works in connection with the bacterial
or natural treatment of sewage are included in the following list.
The treatment of crude sewage in bacteria-beds, with or without previous settlement—
(а) Without previous settlement—
In a single coke-bed, from April 22nd, 1898, to February 22nd, 1899 (Series I.).
In primary and secondary beds in series from September 1st, 1898, to February
22nd, 1899 (Series I.).
In a single coke-bed 13 feet deep from February 27th, 1899, to October 10th,
1899 (Series II.).
(б) With previous settlement—
In a single coke-bed, 13 feet deep, from October 10th, 1899, to July 28th,
1900 (Series II.).
In a single coke-bed, with continuous flow, from November 20th, 1899, to May
26th, 1900 (Series II.).
In a single coke-bed, preceded by septic action, from November 1st, 1900,
to October 5th, 1901 (Series III.).

The history of the three tanks which have been used throughout the experiments in the treatment of London sewage in coke-beds and in settling tanks at the Southern Outfall Works, is set forth in the following table—

Tank A. 22 ft. 6 in. by 10 ft. 8 in., 13 ft. deep.Tank B. 22 ft. 6 in. by 10 ft. 8 in., 13 ft. deep.Tank C. 22 ft. 6 in. by 11 ft. 9 in. (average), 6 ft. deep.
Apr. 224 ft. single bed.
June 216 ft. secondary bed. (Used as a single bed at first in order to "mature" the coke.)
July 126 ft. primary bed.
(In course of construction, but dealing with sewage meanwhile.)
Sept. 1In proper working order as a secondary bed.Bed completed and in working order as a primary bed.
1899 Feb. 22End of experiments of Series I.
,, 2713 ft. single bed.
(Depth being increased from meanwhile.)6 ft. to 13 ft., but bed working
Apr. 1113 ft. single bed. (In proper working order.)
Oct. 10End of experiment and commencement of experiment
Nov. 20with sedimented sewage.4 ft. single bed. (Continuous method.)
Dec. 24 1900 Jan. 13During this period the experiments on the sedimentation of raw sewage in the large settling channels were being carried out. None of these coke beds were then in use.
„ 1513 ft. single bed. (Dealing with sedimented sewage and number of fillings per day increased.)
July 28 Nov. 16 ft. single bed No. 2.End of experiments of Series II. 6 ft. single bed, No. LUsed as a settling tank and afterwards as a septic tank also.
1901 Oct. 5End of experiments of Series III.