London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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London County Council 1900

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for London County Council]

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No.Date of onset of illnessDate of notification.Sex and age.Milk supplyIce-cream.As to consumption of fried fish.As to consumption of other kinds of fish and shell-fish.Remarks.
21Sept. 10Sept. 16F. 18Condensed...Frequently ate fried fish from Y's shopNever winkles or shrimpsSister of case 3. See also case 25.
22Sept. 11Sept. 17F. 10Very littleNeverFried fish from Y every Saturday nightWinkles from A...
23Sept. 11Sept. 20F. 19...OccasionallyFried fish from Y frequentlyNo other fish No shell fishA fatal case.
24Sept. 11Sept. 20M. 19FVery fond of ice creamBought fried fish from Y occasionallyNo other fish No shell fish...
25Sept. 12Oct. 18F. 55CondensedNeverMother of cases 3 and 21. Frequently ate fried fish from Y'sNever winkles or shrimpsA fatal case.
26Sept. 13Sept. 22M. 6Condensed...Fried fish from Y frequentlyNo shell fish or other fish...
27Sept. 14Sept. 20F. 26Condensed...Fried fish from Y frequentlyNo other fish or shell fishNotified as "continued fever."
28Sept. 14Sept. 18M. 9......Fond of fried fish and fruit. Had 1d. on a Saturday which he spent, as a rule, on one or the other. Would probably buy his fried fish at Y's ; moreover, his mother says he used to frequent the front of Y's shop on the chance of being given a bite of fish by his friends who purchased there
29 30Sept. 15 Sept. 15Oct. 1 Oct. 1M. H M. 3... ...... ...All the family fond of fried fish, which they buy at Y'sShell fish and shrimps from ASee cases 33, 35, 49 and 54.
31Sept. 15Sept. 22F. 8NestleNo ice cream...Fried fish from Y's ...Winkles from B...
32Sept. 16Sept. 21M. 18G...Fried fish from Y frequentlyNo other fish...Watercress occasionally.
33Sept. 17Oct. 4F. 14......See cases 29 and 30Shell fish and shrimps from ASister of cases 29 and 30.
34Sept. 17Sept. 21F. 10Condensed...Often bought fried fish from YASister of case 37.
35Sept. 18...M. adult•••...See cases 29 and 30See cases 29 and 30Father of cases 29, 30, 33, 49 and 54.
36Sept. 18Sept. 25F. 9......Lived some distance from Y's shop, but stayed shortly before her illness with an aunt, who lived close by it. A cousin of the boy, case 6...See also cases 16 and 18.
37Sept. 19Sept. 26F. 12Condensed...Often bought fried fish from YASister of case 34.
38Sept. 20Oct. 7F. 8Name of shop not known•••All the family fond of fried fish. They buy it at Y's <Winkles and shrimps very rarely; from A's...
39...Sept. 22M. 9......Not a case of enteric; notified in error......
40Sept. 21Sept. 28M. 4CondensedFond of ice creamFrequently obtained fried fish from YA and B for mussels...
41Sept. 22Sept. 27F. 4CondensedOnce a week, usually on Fridays, children have fried fish from Y. At the end of August they had it more frequentlyWinkles and fish occasionally from ASister of case 51.