London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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London County Council 1900

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for London County Council]

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No.Date of onset of illness.Date of notification.Sex and age.Milk supply.Ice-cream.As to consumption of fish, fried fish, shell fish, &c.As to use of swimming baths.Remarks.
23Sept. 9Sept. 27M. 10AVery rarelyThe family usually deal at a fish shop named, not X's, but occasionally a piece of fish is procured from XNeverSometimes drinks lemonade.
24Sept. 10Sept. 16M. 15DVery seldom.Fish and fried fish obtained from XTo X baths occasionallyNo ginger-beer, &c.
25Sept. 10M. 11BA's manFried fish from X, also from another source. Occasionally winkles and shrimps from XTo X bathsA doubtful case of enteric.
26Sept. 10Sept. 16F. 10GA's manFried fish and winkles habitually obtained from XNeverOccasionally ginger-beer.
27Sept. 10Sept. 23F. 12BNeverBought "fried fish and taters" at X's shop on a Saturday night, about 5 weeks before the 8th Oct. (i.e., probably Sep. 1st). Sometimes obtains winkles from X......
28Sept. 10Sept. 20F. 13HBMother does not deal at X's shop and the fried fish consumed by the family is not obtained there. The girl herself, who is very fond of fried fish, bought from X occasionally just before her illnessTo X bathsGinger-beer frequently.
29Sept. 10Sept. 15F. 11CondensedPossibly, but not certainlyFried fish from X on Saturday nights. The patient was a "dreadful child for fish and taters."The others, father, mother and five children, rarely had any. Never shell fish or shrimpsNeverWatercress on Saturdays. Never lemonade, ginger-beer or kaola.
30Sept. 10Sept. 19F. 13...BFried fish from X frequently. Never shell fish or shrimps...Lemonade, sometimes.
31Sept. 10Sept. 23M. 5BBVery fond of " fried fish and taters " from X's shop. Never buys winklesTo X bathsVery fond of fruit.
32Sept. 11Sept. 22F. 14BB or CFried fish, wet fish, and winkles from X...See cases 91,32 and 126.
33Sept. 11Sept. 27M. 14Goat brandOccasionally, probably from AFried fish and winkles habitually obtained from XNot to X baths but swims occasionallyDrinks kaola.
34Sept. 11Sept. 17F. 24GBFrequently obtained fried fish and winkles from X......
35Sept. 11Sept. 20F. 12Head and goat brandsBThe family obtain fried fish from a particular source, not X's shop. The girl herself has been in the habit of buying from X. All eat winkles and eels from X occasionallyTo X bathsGinger - beer and lemonade frequently.
36Sept. 11Sept. 26F. 9BD or C"On a Friday, about a fortnight before she began to be ill" (probably August 31st), bought a bit of fried fish at X's. She remarked at the time how nasty it was, and indeed it gave her " a shuddering against fish." None of the other members of the family had any. They buy winkles, mussels and shrimps from X occasionallyNeverNever eats watercress. Drinks kaola.
37Sept. 11Sept. 24M. 16IBThe family do not eat fish. The boy and a friend (case 42) obtained "fried fish and taters" from X on night of September 1stTo X baths, the "first - class swim" on September 1stNo ginger-beer, lemonade, &c.