London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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St Pancras 1954

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Pancras, Metropolitan Borough]

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nursing Associations
North London District Nursing Association, 6 & 7, Canonbury Place,N.l. CAN 1955
Hampstead District Nursing Association, 3, Pond Street, N.W.3 HAM 6406
Metropolitan District Nursing Association,18,Montague Street, W.C.1. MUS 0352
Maternity Nursing Association, 235, Camden Road. N.7. NOR 1723

Hospitals in the Borough

Name and Address of HospitalTelephone NumberAuthority under which functioningNumber of Beds
British Hospital for Functional Mental and Nervous Disorders 72, Camden Road, N W 1.GUL 2041Paddington Group 21None
Eastman Dental, Gray s Inn Road, W.C.1.TER 8426Teaching Hospital (26)6
Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, 144, Euston Road, N.W.1.EUS 2501Board of Governors, Royal Free Hospital161
Hampstead General and N.W. London (Out-Patients' Department), Bayham Street, N.W.1.GUL 1734Board of Governors, Royal Free HospitalNone
Highgate Wing, Whittington, Dartmouth Park Hill, N.19ARC 3070Archway Group 19343
Hostel of St. Luke (Clergy Nursing Home for Clergy of Church of England apd their dependants only) 14, Fitzroy Square, W.1.EUS 1382Disclaimed hospital30
Medical Rehabitation Centre 152 Camden Road, N.W.1.GUL 1124Paddington Group 21None
London Foot, 33, Fitzroy Square, W.1.MUS 0602Paddington Group 21None
London Skin, 40, Fitzroy Square, W.1.MUS 1411Paddington Group 21None
National Temperance, Hampstead Road N.W.1.EUS 5206Paddington Group 21142
Royal Ear, Huntley Street, W.C.1EUS 5050Department of U.C.H.53
Royal Free, Gray's Inn Road, W.C.1.TER 6411Teaching Hospital (3)204
Royal National Throat, Nose and Ear. Gray s Inn Road, W.C.l.TER 4311Teaching Hospital (16)112
St. Saviours (Women only), 10. Osnaburgh Street, N.W.1.EUS 2770Disclaimed hospital19
University College Gower Street, W.C. 1.EUS 5050Teaching Hospital (4)626
University College (St. Pancras), St. Pancras Way, N.W.1.EUS 4411Board of Governors, U.C.H.281
-do- for Tropical DiseasesEUS 4411-do-68