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St Pancras 1932

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Pancras, Metropolitan Borough]

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The following table shows the number and cost of the dentures supplied during the year:—

Number of Patients supplied with dentures37.
Total cost£129 0s. Od.
Amount paid by mothers£54 6s. 6d.
Amount paid by Borough Council£29 15s. Od.
Amount paid by Public Assistance£21 7s. 6d.
Amount paid by various Societies£23 lis. Od.

One mother paid the entire cost of two dentures.
One mother paid the entire cost of one denture.
The Societies who made contributions towards the cost of dentures were the Metropolitan
Hospital Sunday Fund, £11 18s. Od. ; the Metropolitan Hospital Saturday Fund, £2 8s. Od ,
the Charity Organisation Society, ±2 15s. Od.; and various other societies, £6 10s. Od.
Dental treatment is also provided at the voluntary clinic which is held at the St.
Pancras School for Mothers, see page 33.
The Eastman Dental Clinic attached to the Royal Free Hospital is a lavishly equipped
clinic which provides dental treatment for children and for nursing and expectant mothers,
and operative treatment in connection with enlarged tonsils and adenoids in children.
The Dental Section is equipped with 68 chairs and complete electric units, the Surgical
wing contains 37 beds for tonsil and adenoid, cleft palate, hare lip, etc , cases requiring
operative treatment.
The Welfare Centre held in connection with the University College Hospital is able to
refer cases needing dental treatment to the dental department of that hospital.
Day Nurseries.
The Council assists three approved day nurseries in the Borough by the payment of
block grants as approved by the Ministry of Health, and also makes a contribution to the
Foundling Site Day Nursery based on one-quarter of the expenditure incurred by the
Nursery adjusted to the proportion of St. Pancras children attending.

Particulars in regard to the day nurseries for the year ended 31st December, 1932, are as follows :—

Number of Days Open.Attendances.Average per Day.
Whitefield Day Nursery229488721.3
Kentish Tn. Day Nursery231802134.7
Margaret Day Nursery3091032033.4
Foundling Site Day Nursery254291711.5