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St Pancras 1932

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Pancras, Metropolitan Borough]

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Situation.By whom provided.
P. School Clinics.
Highgate New Town: Chester RoadVoluntary Committees, working under agreement with the London County Council.
St. Pancras Centre, Prince of Wales Road
Clarendon Square
G. Tuberculosis Dispensaries.
Barnes House, Camden RoadThe Borough Council.
University College HospitalThe Hospital Authorities.
H. Venereal Disease Clinics.
These are provided at various Voluntary Hospitals under agreements made with the London County Council. The undermentioned are situated within the Borough, but many others in the Metropolis are available for St. Pancras residents:—
The Royal Free Hospital, Gray's Inn Road (for women and children only).
University College Hospital, Gower Street (for male and female patients).
A complete list giving the days and times at which clinics are available can be obtained on application to the Medical Officer of Health.
1. Clinic for Sick Mothers and Young Children.
St. Paneras Dispensary, 39, Oakley SquareMedical Officer paid by Borough Council; other expenses paid by Dispensary Committee.
J. Convalescent Homes for Sick Poor Children.
The Mayoress of St. Paneras Home, "Avalon," St. Alban's Road, N.W. 5.By Voluntary Committee, with grant from Borough Council.
Invalid Children's Aid Association (various homes)Subsidy from Borough Council.
K. Open Air Schools.
Holly Court, Highgate, N. 6London County Council.
Euston Square, N.W. 1,,
L. Professional Nursing at Home.
North London Nursing Association, 6 & 7, Canonbury Place, N. 1By Voluntary Committee, with grant from Borough Council.
Hampstead Nursing Association, 25, Heath Hurst Road, N.W. 3,,
Metropolitan Nursing Association, 14, Oakley Square, N.W. 1,,

For many years considerable attention has been devoted to this work in St. Paneras,
not only by the Borough Council and the associated voluntary committees, but also by the
general and voluntary hospitals, etc.
The Local Government Act, which came into force on April 1st, 1930, authorised the
Minister of Health to make a scheme determining, in relation to voluntary associations
providing maternity and child welfare services, which of those are to be treated as services in
respect of which the County Council are to contribute and which are services in respect of