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St Pancras 1932

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Pancras, Metropolitan Borough]

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(iii) 5s. for a journey back to the first address or, on to farther addresses, at 5s.
plus the prescribed waiting fee, for each address ;
(iv) 2s. 6d. a head for each additional person who desires to accompany the
patient, together with 2s. 6d. for the return journey, if used;
(v) 5s. for the service of a nurse for a period up to two hours, and thereafter
at an extra charge of 2s. an hour or part of an hour;
(vi) 5s. an hour or part of an hour for keeping an ambulance waiting more than
15 minutes.
(b) For journeys extending outside the County and for work carried out for public
authorities within and without the County:—
For one or two persons, 1s. 6d. a mile up to 50 miles and thereafter 1s. 3d.
a mile.
For three or four persons, 1s. 10½d. a mile up to 50 miles and thereafter 1s. 6d.
a mile.
For five to eight persons, 2s. 3d. a mile up to 50 miles and thereafter 1s. 10½d.
a mile.
For over 8 persons, particulars of charges may be obtained on application to
the county medical officer.
The mileage is reckoned on the total distance travelled by the ambulance from
ambulance station back to ambulance station.
The highest number of persons at one time on the journey to be charged for on
the total mileage reckoned to and from the ambulance station.
For a journey occupying over eight hours, an additional charge, to be determined
by the county medical officer of health, to be made to cover drivers' expenses,
and where the journey extends to a second day, the person ordering the vehicle to
be required to arrange for garaging, and also for lodging and subsistence for the
Additional charges to be made as under (a), (v) and (vi) above.
No charge will be made in respect of the conveyance by ambulance of patient's
doctor who accompanies the patient in the ambulance.
Other ambulance facilities include:—
St. John's Ambulance Association, St. John's Gate, Clerkenwell, E.C.I. Tel.
Clerkenwell 6644.
British Red Cross and Order of St. John Ambulances, These convey pregnant women
to hospitals from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. Tel. Sloane 7136.
Clinics, Treatment Centres, etc.

For purpose of reference these are given in tabular form; details concerning the work carried out will be found on succeeding pages.

Situation.By whom provided.
A. Artificial Light Clinics.
Rhaydon Street, South HighgateThe Borough Council.
Almeric Paget Clinic, Rochford StreetA Voluntary Committee,
The Institute of Ray Therapy, 152-154, Camden Road,,
A number of the hospitals in the Borough also provide this treatment.