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St Pancras 1930

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Pancras, Metropolitan Borough]

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The staff consists of a Matron, Assistant Matron, three Probationers and a domestic staff
numbering three. A laundry, equipped with electrically-driven machinery, is also attached
to the home.
173 children were admitted during the year, and the average length of stay in the Home
was about 4 weeks.
(6) Children requiring a longer period of convalescence, or who require more skilled
nursing, are sent to various homes by the Invalid Children's Aid Association,and a contribution
towards the cost is made by the Borough Council. Under this scheme 36 children were sent
away during the year.
Supply of Milk to Mothers and Children.
The Borough Council, during 1930, continued to make grants of milk, either free or
at reduced price. As a rule, in the case of expectant mothers, the grants were restricted to
the last three months of pregnancy, and in the case of children to those who were under three
years of age.

The extent of the distribution of milk during 1930 is shown in the following figures:—

Pints of Milk Granted Free.Pints of Milk Granted at Half-price.Cost to Council.

At the end of 1929 there were 159 families actually in receipt of milk under this
scheme. During 1930, 470 new families were added to the list of recipients, and at the end
of that year there were 230 families actually receiving grants. As will be seen from the
above table, there were supplied in 1930, 79,882 pints of milk free and 17,354 pints of
milk at half cost to the applicants, at a gross cost to the Council of £1,330 17s. 7d. The
Council passed a resolution in July, 1928, that 7½ per cent, be deducted from the accounts of
all dairymen supplying milk under the scheme to the value of £2 or over monthly. The
effect of this has been to reduce the total cost by over 2 per cent., and this amount should be
deducted from the figures in the table.
Enquiries were made by the Health Visitors from the various "Welfare Centres in the
Borough wherever any doubt existed as to the circumstances of the family.