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St Pancras 1926

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Pancras, Metropolitan Borough]

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The following table gives the names of the hospitals, etc., and the amount of subsidy paid during the past year:—

Royal Free Hospital700
Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Hospital48150
Maternity Nursing Association23100
Queen Charlotte's Maternity Hospital5900
City of London Maternity Hospital3000
Middlesex Hospital4800

The corresponding grants for the three previous years were £'275 10s. 0d., £412 5s. 0d.,
and £705.
Institutional Provision for Unmarried Mothers.
The Main Memorial Home, 49, Cartwright Gardens, W.C. 1, provides accommodation
for young unmarried women expecting for the first time to become mothers. The Home is
maintained by funds obtained from voluntary sources, but a grant is made by the Ministry of
Ambulance Facilities.
For infectious cases ambulances arc provided by the Metropolitan Asylums Board.
For non-infectious cases The Metropolitan Asylums Board have special ambulances.
For accident cases the London County Council provide ambulances, and those of
the St. John's Ambulance Association are also available.
The St. Pancras Guardians also have three motor ambulances, which may be hired
when available.

Clinics, Treatment Centres, etc. For purpose of reference these are given in tabular form; details concerning the work carried out will be found on succeeding pages.

Situation.By whom provided.
A. Artificial Light Clinic.
Raydon Street, South HighgateThe Borough Council.
B. Maternity and Child Welfare Centres.
St. Pancras School for Mothers, Ampthill Square and Chalton Street CentresThe Borough Council, with assistance from the Voluntary Committee.
North St. Pancras School for Mothers, Queen's Crescent,,
South Highgate Centre, Raydon Street,,
Grafton Road Centre,,
* Mary Ward Settlement School for Mothers,,
Camden Town Centre, Camden Road,,
Argyle Square Centre,,
Caversham Road Centre,,
Oakley Square Centre,,
University College Hospital CentreThe Hospital Authorities.
† Royal Free Hospital Centre,,

* Amalgamated with Argyle Square Centre on April 1, 1926.
† A grant is made by the Borough Council in respect of the Visitor's Salary,