London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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St Pancras 1910

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Pancras, London, Borough of]

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TABLE III. Attendance of Children under 5 years of age at Elementary Schools in London.

Year ended.No. on Roll.Average Attendance.Calculated Percentage.Measles mortality per million persons living.
March, 1903749755570574.301902=507
, 1904742245704176.881903 = 445
„ 190)726055682278.301904=487
„ 1906664275218678.581905=366
, 1907617224927079.861906=405
,, 1908534284674980.041907=380
,, 1909560574542981.041908=313

Note.—In the above table the No. on the Roll and the Average Attendance have been
kindly supplied by the Education Officer of the London County Council. From
these the percentage of attendance has been calculated, and to these has been
added the annual mortality per million extracted from the Registrar-General's
Annual Report for 1908.

TABLE IV. Number of Children scheduled at ages 3-5 years and 5-14 years, and percentage on roll respectively in London.

Year endedScheduled.Percentage on Roll.Measles. Mortality per million persons living.
3-5 years.5-14 years.3-5 years.5-14 years.
March, 1903174,848709,155Year.
„ 1904173,191709,28941.097.21903=445
., 1907174,201705,34133.797.41906=405
„ 1908172,555700,58933.297.61907 = 380
„ 1909170,456705,22031.797.51908=313

Note.— The above table is composed of extracts from two tables contained in the
Report of the Education Committee of the London County Council for 1908-9,
pages vii. and xiii. The Annual Mortality figures are extracted from the
Registrar-General's Report for 1908.