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St Pancras 1910

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Pancras, London, Borough of]

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based upon the Census of 1901. The following tables A, B, and C show
respectively—A, the death-rates from phthisis per 100,000 of population in
the Registration Districts from 1896 to 1909, inclusive ; B, the death-rates
per 100,000 from other respiratory diseases for the same areas and years ; and
C, the percentage of statistical overcrowding at the Census of 1901—that is,
more than two persons per room—in each of the Registration Sub-Districts.
This last table, C, is a summary of the table of Census overcrowding in each of
the Enumeration Areas published in the Annual Report of the Medical Officer
of Health for 1903.

A. St. Pancras.—Death Rates from Phthisis per 100,000 of population.

NorthKentish Town163167175140139167153North.
East and West or CentralCamden Town188302154154191106165
Somers Town198213207271186273222
Regent's Park199212162191198183162
SouthCentral St. Pancras197228178215192181178Central
Tottenham Court211207307296241260296
Gray's Inn Lane261220243253290190240
South St. Pancras237214274274267221261South.
All St. Pancras193200199198196187192
CentralNorth St. Pancras151144137143151138136North.
East do.158174159184129161157
West do.193209149160171132152
Central do.175192151172151147155Central
South do220216150191184182188South.
All do.179186119169159153153

* Mote.—In 1902 the division line between the Registration Sub-Districts of
Gray's Inn Lane and Tottenham Court was moved westward from
Burton Crescent (now Cartwright Gardens) to Upper Woburn Place.
† Note.—In 1903 triangular pieces of the Camden Town and Somers Town
Sub-Districts were added to the Regent's Park Sub-District to form the
West St. Pancras Sub-District, and the remainder of Camden Town and
Somers Town Sub-Districts were amalgamated to form the East St.
Pancras Sub-District.