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St Pancras 1910

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Pancras, London, Borough of]

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ACTION TAKEN DURING THE YEAR. During the year the action taken with regard to the prevention of the mortality of suckling infants is summarised as follows:—

Total Births (excluding still births) registered (majority within 2 months)13631024161013885385
Births (includingstill-births*) notified within 36 hours1158961145211604731
*Still-births ...28364125130
Of the total births registered the illegitimate numbered345610232224
Notification op Births.W.S.E.N.Total.
(a) Notified by—-Eathers3411794164891425
Other persons3603484542241386
Professional Assistants6382871233
Homes of Hope...23...124
Not stated36284853165
(6) Attended by-—Doctors3263574032661352
Professional Assistants39934860731357
Not stated105103116220544
1 158961145211604.731

Advice Cards sent to cases notified within 36 hours (on day of receipt of
notification) 4731
,, „ „ registered (but not notified) on receipt of
Registrars' Returns 922
Cautionary letters sent to cases registered but not notified 922
Visits.—Total number 2303
Inquiries made (at first visit) 1055
,, (after 12th month)
Additional visits 1009*
*Of these—Infants " not known " at address given 3
0 at first visit
„ "removed from „ 22} at 12th month visit.
Extra Visits to Hospitals, Doctors, Midwives, Nurses, Creches, Workhouse,
Infirmary, Relieving Officers, Distress Committee, School for Mothers,
Charity Organization Society, etc, etc. 379