London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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St Pancras 1910

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Pancras, London, Borough of]

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List VI.-con BAKEHOUSE-continued.

No.on Diagram.Consecutive No.Situations,Division,and Sub-Divisions.Name of OccupierDistance of floor abovr or below ground level.Distance of ceiling above or below ground level.Underground Baking Rooms-UBaked B-Bread. C-Confectionery b-Biscuits.Asto Cartificate and date when granted or refused, and other notes.
2810310, Crowndale RoadM. BackhausLevel7ft. above. .B.
3010484, Great College StreetK.J. ThorneLevel9ft.. .B. C.
96105155, ,,H. Weigand7ft. 6 in. belowLevelU.B. C.Certificate granted 1st June, 1904.
4110612, Hamilton StreetF. Klage4ft. ,,6ft. aboveU.B.Do. 14th Dec., 1904.
651074, King StreetP. Werner7ft. ,,3in. ,,U.B. C.Do. do.
12410831, ,,J. Weber7ft. 10 in. ,,6in. belowU.B.Do. 2nd Nov., 1904.
11110942, ,,J. W. Roake7ft. 6in. ,,6in. ,,U.B.Certificate refused 1st Feb., 1904.
109a42, ,,J. W. RoakeLevel9ft. 4in. above. .New level baking room constructed.
4011016, Pratt StreetJ. Roos4ft. 6in. below3ft. 6in. ,,U.B.Certificate granted 13th July, 1904.
2411134, ,,A. RaggLevel7ft. 6in. ,,. .B.
4.—Oakley Square.
9311266, Clarendon StreetF. C. Hall7ft. 6in. belowLevelU.B.Do. 2nd Nov., 1904.
12911317, Crowndale Road8ft.LevelU.Bakehouse closed.
9911438, Eversholt StreetEdwin George Moore7ft. 6in. ,,LevelU.B. C.Certificate granted 21st Sept., 1904.
10011520, Stibbington StreetJ. Honing7ft. 6in. ,,LevelU.B.Do. 23rd Nov., 1904.
8211645,J. Lohr7ft 3in. ,,3in. belowU.B.Do. 2nd Nov., 1904.
101117116,Camillo Ferraro7ft. 6in. ,,LevelU.B.Do. 12th Oct., 1904.
13011810, Chalton StreetMrs. M. Zeigler8ft.LevelU.B. C.Do. 14th Dec., 1904.
10211927, ,,R. & C. Green7ft. 6in. ,,LevelU.C.Do. 1st June, 1905.
7112038, ,,J. K. Jung7ft.LevelU.B.Do. 22nd June, 1904.
10312188, ,,C. Feucht7ft. 6in. ,,LevelU.B.Do. 14th Dec., 1904.
1041223, Chapel StreetJames Davies7ft. 6in. ,,LevelU.Eels & Meat-piesAn Eating House.
6412313, ,,7ft.6in. above ..U.. .Now a Florist's.
691242, Charrington Street7ft.LevelU.B.Bakehouse disused, now a builder's.
7012657½,M. Jones7ft.LevelU.B.Certificate granted 21st Sept., 1904. (Now a Chandler's Shop.)
41251, Chenies PlaceH. JacobsLevel11ft, above. .B. C.
512735, Church wayLevel10ft. 3in. ,,. .DinnersDining Rooms.
791288, Drummond StreetJacob H. Lievertz7ft. 3in. belowLevelU.B.Certificate granted 12th Oct., 1904.
15612937, Ossulston Street8ft. 6in. ,,LevelU.B.Certificate refused 15th Mar., 1905. Now a private house.
131130164,T. Higgins8ft. belowLevelU.B.Certificate granted 23rd Nov., 1904.
3413118, Phoenix Street2ft. „5ft. 6in. above. .B.Empty.
17113238, Seymour StreetA. Bartelmeh9ft ,,LevelU.B. C.Certificate granted 22nd Feb., 1905.