London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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St Pancras 1910

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Pancras, London, Borough of]

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List VI.—con. BAKEHOUSES—continued.

No. on Diagram.Consecutive No.Situations, Divisions, and Rub-Divisions.Name of Occupier.Distance of floor above or below ground level.Distance of ceiling above or below ground level.Underground Baking Rooms—U.Baked B-Bread. C—Confectionery b—Biscuits.As to Certificate and date when granted or refused, and other notes.
1West Division.—con.
2.—Chalk Farm.
6252211, High Street.. .. .. ..7ft. below3ft. 6in. aboveU.B.Certificate granted 27th July, 1904. (Now demolished).
5453237E. Petzold6ft. 6in. below2ft.U.B. C.Do. 5th April. 1905.
5354253A. Doig4ft. below3ft. 9in. „U.B. C.Do. 27th July, 1904.
295520, Park StreetG. H. ReesLevel7ft.B. C.
1825631, Princess RoadG. H. Itter10ft. below1ft 3in. belowU.B, C.Do. 2nd Nov., 1904.
7257109, Regent's Park RoadR. Paine7ft. „LevelU.B. C.Do. 13th July, 1904. (Not used for baking.)
13258164, ,, ,,Edwin George Moore8ft. „LevelU.B. C.Do. 21st Sept., 1904. (Not used for baking.)
1485940, St. George's RoadPhilip Beischer8ft ,,1ft. belowU.B. C.Do. 2nd Nov., 1904.
1816079, Gloucester RoadCarl Schlager9ft. 8in. below8in. ,,U.B.Do. 13th July, 1904.
466128, Arl ington RoadM. Natus4ft. 9in. below4ft. 3in. aboveU.B.Certificate granted 21st Sept., 1904.
5962171,P. Lunken6ft. 6in. ,,LevelU.B. C.Do. 11th Jan., 1905.
363128-142, Albert StreetW. & G. BuszardLevel10ft. above... .C.
326424, Cumberland Market1ft. below ..6ft. 9in. above. .. .Not in use, now a general shop.
1216540, Delancey StreetJ. Lines7ft.lOin. belowLevelU.B. C.Certificate granted 21st Sept., 1904.
1636643, High StreetMrs. A. Coral8ft. 7in. „6in. belowU.B. C.Do. 14th Dec., 1904.
767125,J. J. Smith ..Level (both)7ft.l0in. above. .B. C,
1867a,, ,,,,9ft.. .B. C.
4468183,4ft. 6in. below4ft. 6in. „U.B. C.Not in use, now a tailor's shop.
7769182, Stanhope StreetJ. Foltvniewicz7ft. 3in. „1ft.U.B.Certificate granted 11th Jan., 1905.
4.—Regent's Park.
1737080, Albany Street9ft. belowLevel. .Not in use, now a bookseller's.
17471115,James Crabb9ft. „LevelU.B.C.Certificate granted 12th Oct., 1904.
5672186,J. Drury & Co.6ft. 9in. below9in. aboveU.B.Do. 2nd Nov., 1904.
74734, Cumberland StreetF. Finnimore7ft. below ..LevelU.B. C.Do. 22nd June, 1904.
151749, Munster SquareJohn Werner8ft. 3in. below6in. aboveU.B.Do. 12th Oct., 1904.
1347545, Osnaburgh StreetW. Gas8ft.LevelU.B.Do. 2nd Nov., 1904.
1697684,J. Mulford8ft. 9in. ,,1ft. aboveU.B.Do. do.
1367752, Robert StreetPhilip Herrman8ftLevelU.B.Do. 12th Oct., 1904.
1547877,Robert Todd8ft. 6in. ,,6in. aboveU.B. C.Do. 23rd Nov., 1904.