London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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St Pancras 1910

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Pancras, London, Borough of]

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Post- Scriptum .
Without definitions the Food and Drugs Acts are of little value. Even if
it be proved that a valuable constituent has been partly abstracted and a less
valuable substance partly substituted, in the absence of definition the case
would be dismissed. Before standards of foods were fixed in America it was
the common and growing practice to substitute the cheapest fats and oils more
and more for nutritious fats and oils used as foods. Now all foods and drugs
are defined as to composition in America.
J. F. J. S.

Summouse's.—Under the Sale of Food and Drugs Acts—Adulteration.

No. of Sample.Article.Result of Analysis.Result of Proceedings.
C 8MilkAdded Water 22 per cent.0500126
C 12„ 12 ,,0500is6
4ButterForeign Fats, i.e., Fats other than Butter Fat, 83 per cent. .........01000126
C 26MilkAdded Water 7.6 per cent.0126
C 39ButterForeign Fats, i.e., Fats other than Butter Fat, 58 percent.1000126
34MilkAdded Water 7.2 per cent.I000126
14Deficient in Milk Fat 13.3 per cent0100126
45,,Added Water 8 per cent.01000126
C 64„ 8.4 „\
C 66„ 15.3 ,,
c 70„ 8.7 „1000500
C 71„ 7.8 „
C 72„ 68 ,,
C 73,, 6 ,,/
C 69„ 71 „2000126
65Deficient in Milk Fat 6.6 per cent.0126
87Added Water 7 per centSummons withdrawn.
75CoffeeChicory 20 per cent.0126
107MilkDeficient in Milk Fat 6.7 per cent.0126
C 112„ „ 11.3 „0126
116„ „ 116 „0200126
A 23ButterForeign Fats, i.e., Fats other than Butter Fat, 84
per cent.7000126
A 25Water 8.4 per cent, in excess of standard01000126
A 26Lard100 per cent. Fat Foreign to Genuine Lard3000126
C 143,, ,, ,,11000126
C 14550 ,, ,, ,, and 6.7
per cent. of water11000126
164ButterForeign Fats, i.e., Fats other than Butter Fat, 25 percent.21000126
169MilkDeficient in Milk Fat 16 6 per cent.1001126
C 152LardForeign Fats 100 per cent.01000126
C 176MilkDeficient in Milk Fat 7 per cent3000126
C 216„ „ 6 „200380
C 270„ „ 27.3 „9000126
C 271„ „ 92.6 „ Crystallised Copper Sulphate 5.81 grs. per lb.2000126
C 316MilkAdded Water 19 6 per cent.500136
£ 523026116

Food Inspectors.—The history of food inspection in St. Pancras may be
briefly stated in order that it may be made clear. Upon their original
appointment, Inspectors Osborne (October, 1885), Auger (January, 1897), and
hackham (January, 1898) were not appointed Inspectors under the Food and
Drugs Acts, but at this period, and previous thereto, all the Sanitary Inspectors
took samples. Owing to some doubt arising as to whether Sanitary Inspectors,
not being styled Inspectors of Nuisances, required special authorisation, in