London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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St Pancras 1910

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Pancras, London, Borough of]

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Factories.—The Men Inspectors had 413 and the Women Inspectors 107
factories upon the Registers for periodical inspection as to water service,
sanitary conveniences, drainage, and nuisances. During the year 69 and 16
inspections of factories respectively were made, and 18 and 1 re-inspections
after notices served.
Workshop*.—The Men Inspectors had 1,238 (apart from bakehouses) and the
Woman Inspectors 404 workshops (apart from laundries) on the Registers for
periodical inspection. During the year 562 and 19 inspections respectively
of these premises were made, and 213 and 4 re-inspections after notices.
Worl;places.—These include restaurant kitchens, cab and omnibus yards,
laundries and domestic workshops and home workplaces.
Domestic Workshops and Home Workplaces.—The Woman Inspector has.
71 of these on the Register, of which 3 inspections were made. These places
vary in number from year to year, and according to the season of the year.
Laundries.—On the Register are 74 laundries, at which the Woman
Inspector made 10 inspections.
Restaurant Kitchens.— Of these the Men Inspectors had 163 and the Woman
Inspector 158 on the Registers. At the former 378 inspections and 132
re-inspections were made, and at the latter 0 inspection and 0 re-inspection.
Bakehouses.—At the commencement of the year there were 133 workshopbakehouses.
Of these, and of the three factory bakehouses and the three
bakehouses in hotels, 378 inspections and 273 re-inspections were made.
Off'eimce Trades and Effluvia Businesses. — These are dealt with under the
section relating to Nuisances.
Tabular Statement.—The following is a tabular statement of the work of the
Men Inspectors in the form desired by the Factory Department of the Home
Factories, Workshop?, Laundrifs, Woukfi.aces, and Homework.

1.—Inspection. Excluding inspections made by the Woman Sanitary Inspector, for which see appendix to her report.

Premises.Number of
Inspections.Written Notices.Prosecutions.
Factories (including Factory Laundries)876Nil.
Workshops (including Workshop Laundries)77552
Workplaces (Restaurant Kitchens)32075