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St Pancras 1910

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Pancras, London, Borough of]

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The Crescent, Euston Street, is owned by the London and North-Western
Railway Company.
The enclosed Gardens adjoining Regent's Park Terrace and Maitland Park
Villas are owned by adjoining owners of land, and are maintained by them.
Smoke. — In the Animal Report for 1902 the enactments dealing with smokewere
set out in full.
There are 334 smoke shafts on the Register ; 614 observations of these weretaken,
and 173 re-inspections were made after notices served. These observations
or inspections and re-inspections occupy a considerable amount of time, as theintervals
between stoking are of considerable duration—at least twenty
minutes, and often twice as long.
The Inspectors are now instructed to limit their observation of a chimney tohalf
an hour, and only to prolong it beyond this period so long as a nuisance is
actually being committed. (See Minutes of Public Health Committee of 30th
January, 1907.)
Effluvia.—Of various businesses and places producing effluvia or offensive
emanations there are 136 on the Registers, and of these 209 inspections and
53 re-inspections were made. (Sec also under the head of Nuisances § 9.)
(a) House-to- House Inquiries and Inspections.—(i) For the purpose of
ascertaining the mode of sub-letting 430 inquiries and 222 re-visits were made
as to the occupation of houses in tenemented streets, (ii) When the mode
of sub-letting appears to be such as to necessitate periodical supervision of the
sanitary condition of a house, a complete inquiry is made into the mode of
occupation of each room of the house. (iii) When it has been decidcd to
register a tenement house, each room is measured as to its dimensions and
capacity and recorded in the Register. The forms in which the reports as to
these matters are made were quoted in the Annual Report for 1904.
(b) Tenement Houses.—During the year 2 inspections and 1 re inspection
was made for the purpose of measuring tenement or lodging houses
which it had been decided to register, and at the end of the year 2,282 houseswere
upon the Register. Of these houses, 2,700 periodical half-yearly inspections
were made, and 5,899 re-inspections after the service of notices ; also ot'
the 339 dwellings entered in the Register of Inscribed Dwellings, 281 inspections
were made, and 608 re-inspections after the service of notices.

The following is a record relating to registered tenement houses:—

On Register at end of 19092280
Registered during 19102
Ceased to be registered houses in 19100
On register at end of 19102282