London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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St Pancras 1910

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Pancras, London, Borough of]

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Intimations as to Breaches of Statutes and Statutory By-laics served by the Sanitary Inspectors during 1910.

Breaches of Statutes and Statutory By-laws.Totals.
1An occupied hou-e without a proper and sufficient supply of water15
2Water supply used for domestic purposes connected with cistern which is used for flushing the water-closet3
3Water-closet not supplied with a sufficient quantity of water for securing its effective action177
4Tank, cistern or other receptacle for storing of water used or likely to be used for man for drinking purposes—dirty condition of50
5Tank, cistern or other receptacle for storing water used or likely to be used by man for drinking purposes—absence of proper cover to35
6Tank, cistern or other receptacle for storing water used, or likely to he used, by man for drinking purposes placed in an improper position5
7Animals so kept as to be likely to pollute the water supply
8Offensive matters not deposited in manure receptacle1
9Manure not removed at proper intervals6
10Manure, absence of proper receptacle for8
11Manure receptacle not properly constructed3
12Sufficient drain to stables or cowshed — absence of a1
13Receptacle for house refuse—absence of a proper314
14Receptacle for house refuse - absence of a proper cover for18
15Yard or open space unpaved3
16,, paving defective151
17Insufficient water closet accommodation to " lodging-house "57
18A furnace improperly constructed or negligently used1
19Effluvia arising from premises used for trade, business, or manufacture which is a nuisance dangerous to the inhabitants of the district2
20Qffensive matters suffered to run out of trade premises into an uncovered place
21Dairies and cowsheds -breach of By-laws as to
22Slaughterhouses—Breach of By-laws as to1
23Steam whistle—use of a, without authority
24Parts of houses infested with vermin requiring stripping, purifying and cleansing189
25Articles in an unwholesome condition requiring to be purified or destroyed7
26Other breaches69