London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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St Pancras 1909

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Pancras, London, Borough of]

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General Precautions.
Sunshine and daylight, fresh air and cleanliness, are the natural cnemesi
of consumption.
All living-rooms, sleeping-rooms, and work-rooms should be well lighted
and well ventilated, and all chimney flues and fireplaces should be kept open.
Frequently cleanse all Tooms, passages, and staircases. In cleansing,
avoid raising dust, as it is dangerous, therefore adopt wet cleansing. In
cleansing furniture, woodwork, etc., use damp dusters to wipe up the dust
with, burn the dust, and boil the dusters after use. In cleansing carpets,
hangings, etc., use damp tea-leaves or damp sawdust, and tie a damp duster
over the broom ; burn the tea-leaves or sawdust, and boil the duster. In
cleansing floors, scrub them with soft soap and boiling water.
Meat, before being eaten, should be well cooked, and milk be boiled for
five minutes.
A room ceased to be occupied by a consumptive should not be used again
until both the room and the contents have been thoroughly disinfected and
Disinfection is best carried out by the Borough Council.
Oclobcy, 1909. Medical Officer of Health.
Consumption is mainly spread by the germs in the spray of the cough and
the phlegm of the spit. The more the disease advances and the more the
weakness of the patient increases the greater the difficulty of preventing the
cough-spray and spit-phlegm from disseminating the disease. Hence the most
advanced cases are the most likely to spread the disease, and the poorest
advanced cases the least likely to be able to provide against the spread of
the disease.
I.—Philanthropic Societies
for providing separate bed-room accommodation for poor Consumptives at
home do not exist in England as in France, where the benevolent branches of
the Dispensaries for the Tuberculous make such provision, but application may
perhaps be made to Religious and Medical Missions, District Visiting Committees,
branches of the Charity Organisation Society, &c.
II.—Homes for the last stage of Disease (including Consumption).
Friedenheim Hospital, Sunnyside, Upper Avenue Road, Swiss Cottage,
St. Luke's House, 14, Pembi'idge Square, Bayswater, W.
The Hostel of God, 29, North Side, Clapham Common, S.W.
St. Peter's Home (Women only), Mortimer Road, Ivilburn, NAY.