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St Pancras 1909

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Pancras, London, Borough of]

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endeavour to find another site for the erection of the new buildings for rehousing
persons proposed to be disturbed under this scheme. The Local
Government Board introduced a Bill into the House of Commons entitled " An
Act to Confirm a Provisional Order of the Local Government Board Relating
to the Metropolitan Borough of St. Pancras." This Act was passed on the
4th August 1906. It is provided in the Act (section 1) that "the Order set
out in the schedule hereto shall be and the same is hereby confirmed and all
the provisions thereof shall have full validity and force as from a date to be
fixed by an Order of the Local Government Board, not being less than twelve
months from the passing of this Act."
Areas Nos. 2 and 3.
Prospect Terrace and Brantome Place Order. —In the Order the number of
persons to be displaced from these two areas was 1,165, and the number to be rehoused
on the three sites scheduled in the Order was 842 persons. The position
with regard to the three sites is as follows:—
(a) Great College Street Site.—On this additional vacant site included in
the Order of the Local Government Board for the purpose of housing
part of the persons displaced from the Brantome Place and Prospect
Terrace areas, Goldington Buildings were erected and opened in 1904.
These buildings were described under the head of (f') Working Class
Flats in the Annual Report for 1905, p. 108, and accommodate 332
(b) Brantome Place Area.—On this site the buildings known as Flaxman
Terrace were erected and opened in 1908. These buildings were described in
the Annual Reports for 1907, p. 79, and 1908, p. 92, and accommodate 432
(c) Prospect Terrace Area.—In continuation of the course of events recorded
in the Annual Report for 1908, on the 20th April, 1909, the foundation stone
.of the new buildings was laid by the Mayoress.
The following is a description of the new buildings :—
The dwellings are erected with a frontage of 265 feet to Prospect Terrace
and 130 feet to Wellington Place, and contain a superficial area of about twofifths
of an acre.
At the rear of the building there is a large open space of an average width
of 50 feet, which affords ample lighting and ventilation to the building, and at
the same time can be used by the children of the tenants as a playground.
The elevation, though of the sunniest character, is attractive in appearance,
as advantage has been taken of the shape of the site to break the line of
frontage into bays, and the broken sky line forms a pleasing feature in the
The building is six storeys in height, including half basement and attic
storeys, and is faced with red Leicester bricks relieved with dressings of
artificial stone of a pale buff tint.