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St Pancras 1907

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Pancras, London, Borough of]

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(6) Where the notice of disease relates to a carcase of an animal that has
died or been slaughtered in the district of a Local Authority other than the
local authority which receives the notice, the latter shall forthwith inform
the other local authority of the receipt of the notice.
(7.) This Article shall be substituted for Article 3 (Notice of Disease) of the
Glanders or Farcy Order of 1907 in the application of that Order to the
administrative County of London and to the City of London.
Definition of" Disease" "Diseased" and "Suspected."
3.—(1.) For the purposes of this Order disease means glanders, and includes
that form of glanders which is commonly known as farcy.
(2.) A diseased horse, ass, or mule means, for the purposes of this order,
a horse, ass, or mule in which the clinical symptoms are definite evidence
of disease, or in which the application of the mallein test has resulted in
definite evidence of disease.
(3.) An animal shall be deemed to be "suspected" if it shows clinical
symptoms of disease, but such symptoms are insufficient to make the animal a
diseased animal within the definition in this Article.
Revocation of Order.
4. The Order described in the Schedule hereto is hereby revoked.
5. This Order shall come into operation on the first day of January, nineteen
hundred and eight, and shall be read as one with the Glanders or Farcy Order
of 1907.
Short Title.
6. This Order may be cited as the London (Notification of Glanders)
Order of 1907.
In witness whereof the Board of Agriculture and Fisheries havehereunto
set their OfEcial Seal this twelfth day of September, nineteen
hundred and seven.
A. W. Anstruther,
Assistant Secretary.


(Article 4.) Order Revoked.

No.Date.Short Title.
71185th OctoberLondon (Notification of Glanders) Order of 1906.
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