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St Pancras 1904

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Pancras, London, Borough of]

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Clerical Work.

From3rd January,1904,to31st December,1904,inclusive.

No. of Complaints received (communications)2221
No. of Certificates of Dangerous Infectious Diseases received2096
No. of Notices of Voluntary Drain-work received428
No. of Letters, etc., despatched4025
No. of Notices of Intention to Register173
No. of Notices of Registration241
No. of Sets of Advisory Notices as to Infectious Diseases forwarded1577
No. of Certificates of Infectious Disease sent to School Teachers1321
No. of Intimation Notices issued4205
No. of Statutory Notices of intention to proceed served1594
No. of Warning Notices of intention to summons sent89
No. of Summonses Applied for61
No. of Hearings and Adjournments69
No. of Meetings of Council15
No. of Meetings of Public Health Committee and Sub-Committees held59

Sir Thomas Stevenson, the Public Analyst, received the honour of Knighthood
from the King.
At Easter Mr. Wm. Mallison ceased to attend to his duties, and later,
resigned, and in July Mr. Powel Coke was appointed Chief Clerk.
Mr. Frederick Alfred Barth resigned in March, 1904 and Mr. Edward John
Dillon was transferred to the position of Inspector of factories, workshops, and
workplaces; Mr. William Love Brown was transferred to the position of
Inspector of Ward 2; Mr. Robert Ernest James, Inspector of Ward 6, and
Mr. George William Adkins, who was appointed a Sanitary Inspector on
April 20th, on account of the resignation of Mr. Barth, was made an Inspector
of Tenement Houses.
Miss Blanche Gardiner, B.A., was engaged in September as a temporary
Inspector for the purpose of making enquiries and carrying out measures for
the prevention of Infantile Mortality, in which work Miss Mary Elizabeth
Bibby, B.A., the permanent Woman Sanitary Inspector had also been partly
engaged since April.
On account of the death of Mr. Samuel Davy, resident caretaker of the
Mortuary Buildings, Coroner's Court, &c., his son, Samuel Nicholas Davy, the
Senior Disinfector, was appointed to succeed him, William Henry Cook was
transferred to the position of Disinfector, and Joseph Roots was engaged as
General Assistant.