London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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St Pancras 1904

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Pancras, London, Borough of]

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Intimations as to Nuisances served by Sanitary Inspectors during1904.

Schedule of Nuisances.Total.
1Part of the house in a dirty condition411
2„ „ damp „112
3Roof defective273
4Guttering defective42
5Water fittings defective101
6Water-closet apartment with absence of external ventilation88
7„ „ so foul as to be a nuisance or dangerous to health59
8Water-closet basin foul193
9„ „ defective183
10„ „ choked164
11Urinal in a foul condition3
12Privy in a foul condition...
13Soil pipe defective100
14,, unventilated122
15„ improperly ventilated36
16Absence of waste pipe to sink, lavatory or bath4
17Waste pipe of sink, lavatory or bath connected with drain75
18,, ,, ,, ,, defective46
19,, ,, ,, ,, foul17
20Inlet of drain improperly trapped74
21Drain defective518
22„ stopped134
23„ ventilating pipe defective47
24Rain-water pipe in direct communication with drain112
25„ ,, defective86
26Unpaved condition of roadway1
27Undrained „ „4
28Area or part unpaved10
29„ undrained1
80Yard or space unpaved15
31„ ,, undrained13
32Defective condition of wash-house paving145
33Dust-bin defective376
34,, in an improper position...
35Accumulation of stagnant water which is a nuisance dangerous to health31
36Accumulation or deposit which is a nuisance dangerous to health140
37Animals kept in such a manner as to be a nuisance dangerous to health16
38Part of the house so overcrowded as to be dangerous to health126
39Space below floor in basement or ground floor insufficiently ventilated23
40Issuing of black smoke in such a quantity as to be a nuisance6
41Discharging smoke in such a manner as to cause part of a building to be a nuisance dangerous to health2
42Tent, van. shed or similar structure used as a human habitation which is in such a state as to be injurious or dangerous to the health of the inmates...
43Other nuisances75