London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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St Pancras 1904

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Pancras, London, Borough of]

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There were 110 uncertified, deaths registered in St. Pancras in 1904; in
1903, 1902, and 1901 the numbers were 0, 0, and 3.
In the Coroner's Court—General cases 415
„ „ Poor Law Cases 39
Elsewhere in St. Pancras 0
Number of bodies deposited in the General Mortuary 432
„ „ „ Infectious „ 9
In 1863, when the Midland Railway Company demolished Agar Town and
took a portion of the old St. Pancras burying ground, the site of the present
Mortuaries, Coroner's Court, etc., upon which some houses stood, was cleared,
and was used for the re.interment of the disinterred bodies.
In 1871, the Vestry erected on the site a temporary smallpox hospital and a
permanent disinfecting station.
At this period the Vestry Clerk was also Clerk to the Guardians, and after
the removal of the hospital a wooden structure was erected on the site which
was used by the Vestry, by the Guardians, and by the Coroner, as a Mortuary
and for post.mortem purposes; the disinfecting station remaining until
reconstructed in 1885.
In 1885 the Vestry erected on the site a set of buildings including a
Coroner's Court and three mortuaries, one for infectious cases, one for the use
of the Vestry, and one for the use of the Guardians, the Clerk to the Guardians
and the Vestry Clerk being the same officer. The funds for the construction
of these buildings were provided by the Vestry.