London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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St Pancras 1904

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Pancras, London, Borough of]

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List I.— con.Buildings constructed in separate and severed dwellings.—continued.

Division and Sub-Division.Name and Situation, and Number of Houses.Name and Address of Owner.When Opened.Total Number of Rooms.Dwellings ofTotal Number of Dwellings.Street Door or Gate, when shut, and by whom.Common Stair.Inter-Communication of Rooms in Dwellings. Is this Independent of the Common Stair ?How many Dwellings use each appurtenanceWeekly Rental, Minimum and Maximum.
12 Rooms.3 Rooms.4 Rooms.5 or more.Outside or Inside.Open or Enclos'dw.c.Scullery.Wash-
S. 3Kenilworth House, Kenton StreetMr. A. Croker, 34, Coram Street190335••••55••10Street door. Key for each tenantInsideDittoIndependent1110/-to 15/6Washhouse and bathrooms in common.
S. 3Ivanhoe House, Kenton StreetDitto190335••••55••10DittoDittoDittoDitto11••Do.Ditto.
s. 3Tonbridge House, Tonbridge StreetEast End Dwellings Co., Ltd.,'T. Wilkinson, Sec. 24, Old Sq. ,Lincoln's Inn1904245••••735179No gateDittoOpenDitto11••11/-to 13/6There is one washhouse on each landing.
s. 3Somerset Terrace, Duke's Road (1 staircase)Francis House, Esq,, 3, Abehurch yard, E.C.188967...1294••.25Street doors closed at nightOutside...Independent11All (on roof)10/-to 21/-Washhouse locked. Every tenant has key on application to Caretaker. Staircases, glazed tiler No dust shoots. Dust pails kept under sinks and general portable bins in yard. Common courtyard. Caretaker resident in one of the buildings.
S. 3Endsleigh Terrace, Duke's Road (2 staircases)Ditto188960......20......20DittoInsideEnclo'dDitto11Do.10/-to 13/-
S. 5Rothwell Buildings Whitfield Street (7 staircases)W. H. Sherriff, Esq., 80, Carlton Road1881140...70.........70Street gates, but always openOutsideDittoDittol1All (on roof)5/-to 6/6 ,Caretaker resident in one of the buildings.
S. 5Percy Buildings, Whitfield Street (1 house)R. Perkins, Esq., 2, Cambridge Place, Regent's Park188322111.........12Street door generally closed at night by one of the tenants.InsideDittoDitto4...All (on roof)7/-to 9/-W.C.; a tap and sink in room. No resident caretaker.
s. 510, Tottenham StreetMr. Nodes. 12, Tottenham Street189223...17......8Street door closed by caretakerDittoDittoDitto3...All6/- to 12/6Caretaker resident in one of the dwellings. Tap and sink on each landing.
S. 512, Tottenham StreetDitto189221226......10Street door closed by caretakerDittoDittoDitto33All5/-to 14/-Caretaker resident in one of the dwellings. Tap and sink on landing;