London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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St Pancras 1904

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Pancras, London, Borough of]

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Buildings constructed in separate and severed dwellings of less than five rooms, let at weekly rentals, and self-contained or associated

as to appurtenances.

Division and Sub-Division.Name and Situation, and Number of Houses.Name and Address of Owner.When Opened.Total Number of Room'*.Dwellings ofTotal Number of Dwellings.Street Door or Gate, when shut, and by whom.Common Stair.Inter-Communication of Rooms in Dwelling Is this Independent of the Common Stair ?How many Dwellings use each appurtenanceWickly Mental, Mininmum and maximum.Remarks.
1 Room.2 Rooms.3 Rooms.4 Rooms.5 or more.Outside or Inside.Open or Enclos'dW.C.: Scu'lery.Wash. houses.
N. 1Somerset House, 31, Dartmouth Park Hill (1 house)Mrs. Osmond. Kentish Town Road187631i78Street door. Not lockedInsideEnclosedIndependent11 {7/- to 8/64 rooms. Scullery for washing.
N. 1Churchill House, 11, Churchill Road (1 house)Mr. Atchley, 5, Wyndham Crescent18813288Street door. Not locked at nightInsideEnclosedIndependent1In kitchen8/6 to > 91-4 rooms. Sink and copper in kitchen. W.C, ┬ępens into kitchen. No resident caretaker-
E. 1Artizans' Dwellings' Great College Street and Rochester Place (8 houses)The Leasehold Investment Company, 37, Norfolk Street, Strand; R. Stone, Esq., ManagingDirector18853069936135Street door. Closed at night by SuperintendentInsideEnclosedIndependent1116/8 to 11/-Superintendent resides in one of the houses. Sculleries not included as rooms.
E. 1Clarence Buildings, Great College Street and Kentish Town Road (18 houses)Mr. Toye, at the Buildings18865011098110200Street door. Closed at night by SuperintendentInsideOpen at rearIndependent117/6 to 13/-Superintendent resides in one of the houses. Sculleries not included as rooms.
E. 3King House and Queen House,King Street (2 houses)Mr. Longland, Holly Lodge, Bounds-wood Road, Wood Green1892481616Street door. Always on the latchInsideEnclosedIndependent1119/6 to 11/6No resident caretaker. Sculleries not included as rooms.
E. 3York House, King Street (1 house)Ditto189532...88Street door. Always on the latchInsideEnclosedIndependent11113/-No resident caretaker-Sculleries not included. as rooms.
E. 3Goldington Buildings (5 blocksSt. Pancras Boro' Council19041662248456Gate on latch by caretakerInsideOpenIndependent1115/-to 15/-