London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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St Pancras 1904

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Pancras, London, Borough of]

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T abli 8.—S t. P ancras R egistration S tjb- D istricts and D istrict.

T able of D eaths from C ertain C auses, classified according to diseases, ages, and localities, occurring during the 52 weeks ended Saturday, December31s<, 1904.

PUBLIC INSTITUTIONS. Non-Residents in Public Institutions within the District are excluded. Residents in Public Institutions without the District are included. Residents in Public Institutions, whether within or without the District, are classified in the respective Sub Districts of their previous residence.AGES.West St. Pancras.Souih St. Pancras.East - t. Pancras.North St. Pancra3.No Address.Totals St. Pancras.Totals St. Pancras, Ali Ages
Notifiable Infectious DiseasesUnder 5118l911..49106
5 and under 104172..14
10 and upwards1310127143
MeaslesUnder 5302927272115l25
5 and under 102133..9
10 and upwards......1..1
Whooping CoughUnder 51819132347779
5 and under 101..1....2
10 and upwards............
Diairhcea and DysenteryUnder 5443438402158173
5 and under 10
10 and upwards32712l5
R.heumatic FeverUnder 514
5 and under 10112
10 and upwards334212
t InfluenzaUnder 51122
5 and under 10
10 and upwards6642321
PhthisisUnder 533410440
5 and under 1012137
10 and upwards120115957518423
Bronchitis, Pneumonia & PleurisyUnder 5735578532261727
5 and under 103116
10and upwards1091261188225460
Heart DiseaseUnder 51432
5 and under 10156
10 and upwards15949910017425
InjuriesUnder 514181084170
5 and under l02518
10 and upwards343324161103
All other DiseasesUnder 5169142181169126731841
5 and under 106861030
10 and upwards269258292243761138
f Total DeathsUnder 53633063693352613994129
5 and under 102118261984
10 and upwards6726476555291432646
All ages105697110508831694129