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St Pancras 1882

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Pancras, Metropolitan Borough]

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The facts in connection with one death are interesting, as
showing the manner in which small pox is conveyed from
one district to another. A woman living in Netley Street
nursed a case of small pox in Wardour Street and when her
patient had recovered, returned to her home.; shortly after her
return she sickened with small-pox which she had evidently
contracted in Wardour Street. During her illness she was
nursed by her sister who in turn contracted the disease and
died. If the case in Wardour Street had been known to the
Sanitary Authority, and steps had been taken to secure the
re-vaccination of those who came in contact with the sufferer,
the last two cases would never have occurred, and one life
would have been saved.
Measles caused 130 deaths in 1882, being 42 less than in
the previous year. The number of deaths from Measles was
27.4 in every 1000 deaths from 'all causes,' and .54 per 1000
of population. During the previous decade, Measles caused
in St. Paucras an average of 22.5 in every 1000 deaths from
all causes.
In London, in 1882, Measles caused 28.0 in every 1000
deaths from 'all causes,' and .59 per 1000 of population being
therefore slightly in excess of the St. Pancras death rate.

The incidence of deaths from Measles on the different sub-registration districts was as follows:—

Sub-Registration Districts. No.of Deaths.Proportion per 1000 of Population.Proportion per 1000 of total Deaths.
Regent's Park190.4925.0
Tottenham Court Road40.147.2
Gray's Inn Lane341.153.7
Somers Town170.4921.3
Camden Town40.2512.3
Kentish Town460.5230.1

Six deaths from Measles, and 188 deaths from 'all causes'
occuring in public institutions could not be raferred to the
sub-registration district to which they belong, and are therefore
excluded from consideration.
Scarlet Fever.
During 1882, in St. Pancras, 66 deaths occurred from