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Wandsworth 1969

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Wandsworth, Metropolitan Borough]

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nical knowledge, stimulate dental health education, and would
make it possible to organise small-scale training programmes
covering the latest materials and techniques.

Dental statistics for the year 1969 are given below:—

Number of inspection sessions in schools256
Number of ordinary treatment sessions2,888
General anaesthetic25
Health education3
First inspections:
Number of first inspections in schools32,788
Number of first inspections in clinics5,441
Percentage requiring treatment56.9
Reinspections at clinics or schools718
Percentage requiring treatment70.1
First visits5,536
Subsequent visits9,359
Courses of treatment completed3,900
Fillings done15,750
Other operations including crown, inlays, X-rays etc.5,409
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Sample survey at an ordinary school. Medical records of 645
boys attending an ordinary secondary school showed a history of
a major operation in 32 cases, in addition to 55 cases in which the
tonsils and adenoids had been removed. Eleven boys had sustained
fractures, spectacles had been prescribed for 65 boys, and
colour blindness recorded in 21 cases. Defects included impaired
hearing (19 boys), asthma (11), obesity (19). enuresis (9), epilepsy (2)
and deviation in posture (21). The survey affords an indication as
to the disabilities which are likely to affect children attending an
ordinary school. It is evident that, in general, the children concerned
are able to take part in normal school activities.
National Child Development Study. Wandsworth health visitors
and school medical officers have co-operated in a detailed investigation
of the medical, social and educational progress of thirtyfour
children aged 11 years. The information has been collated
for the National Child Development Study and the ultimate objective
is to identify the circumstances which affect a child's development
from birth to maturity.

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