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Wandsworth 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Wandsworth District, The Board of Works (Clapham, Putney, Streatham, Tooting & Wandsworth)]

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In one instance the general condition of the premises
was so bad that a notice was served under the Housing of
the Working Classes Act, 1890, which resulted in a
satisfactory and thorough repair being effected, including
the provision of large ventilators in all the four rooms of
the building.
The Table on page 22 gives a statement of the
nuisances dealt with that can bo conveniently classified.
The number of unclassified nuisances was 286 viz:—
72 new ventilating pipes, 12 ventilating pipes repaired,
44 leaky water fittings, 15 new soilpipes, 13 soilpipes
repaired, 28 cases of water in basements, 4 cases of stagnant
water, 3 privies abolished, 4 manure pits reconstructed,
2 cases of burning clay and refuse, 21 cellar
dwellings, 18 damp houses, 8 dirty floors, 20 leaky sinks,
2 defective water butts, 3 complaints of smoke from
adjacent chimneys, 3 cases of corpses being kept in
dwelling rooms, 3 cases of living in vans without water
supply, 2 cases of rats, accumulation of dead dogs, leaky
bath, animals kept so as to be a nuisance, viz.:—fowls,
dog, pigeons and rabbits. Two fairs have been held to
the annoyance of the surrounding neighbourhood.
Police summonses were obtained in 3 cases for noncompliance
with notice to abate nuisances. In 2 cases
magistrate's orders were obtained with costs and in the
other case the defendant agreed to comply.
The Cow-houses and Slaughter-houses were inspected
during October and their sanitary condition found satisfactory.

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