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Wandsworth 1882

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Wandsworth District, The Board of Works (Clapham, Putney, Streatham, Tooting & Wandsworth)]

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Inquests and Uncertified Deaths.—As many as 23
inquests were held in the sub-district during the last
year, and verdicts returned as follows:—In four cases
the verdicts given shew that the deceased persons met
with some injury that caused or expedited their death
in an accidental manner. In seven cases, six were infants
found dead in bed, supposed to be overlaid, the
seventh a female was found dead in her room. In ten
cases the verdicts given were "Death from natural
causes," the deceased dying suddenly without medical
assistance. There were two cases of suicide. There were
only four instances of uncertified deaths, in each of which
the coroner considered an inquest unnecessary.
Accidental Deaths 4
Found Dead 7
Natural 10
Suicide 2
Disease and Mortality amongst the Union poor.—
In Table V., in the Appendix, it is seen that 443 new
cases of illness amongst the Union or Out-door poor were
duly attended to, many of them of great severity. In
class I. under the heading "Zymotic,or epidemic diseases,"
there occured 153 cases, and but two deaths. No death
resulted from small-pox or from scarlatina; these cases
are sent to hospital as soon as possible. Under the other
heading "other diseases" there were 290 new cases of
illness and 18 deaths. Compared with the total population,
the above 443 new cases of illness give a per-centage
of 1.18, and compared with the total number of deaths
the above 20 deaths give a percentage of 3.67.
Sanitation during the past year.—In Table VI. in the
Appendix is shown the large amount of sanitary work
done by the Surveyor and his two able Assistants, who

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