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Wandsworth 1862

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Wandsworth District, The Board of Works (Clapham, Putney, Streatham, Tooting & Wandsworth)]

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per cent. This not only represents a less amount of sickness than
appeared in the table of last year, but a less mortality by 8 ; the
numbers being in 1861—cases, 599, and deaths, 24. It is most
gratifying to note so manifest and persistent a result of sanitation.
The steadily progressive improvement observable in the health of
the Union poor of this sub-district, since sanitary regulations have
found their way into and about their dwelling places, inspires a
confident belief that well sustained efforts in the same direction
will still further reduce the rate of mortality amongst them.
A reference to Table VI, in the Appendix, will show that much
was accomplished during the year, in the way of the most beneficial
sanitation, and that a large number of nuisances of various kinds
were abated or removed. The Table also indicates that there were as
many as 2,340 feet of new sewers constructed during the year, and
many necessary repairs accomplished and improvements introduced
into existing drains, water-courses, and the like; the combined
effect* of which, it is believed, cannot prove otherwise than most
beneficial to the neighbourhood. It should be stated that the
construction of new sewers in this parish, during the past year, has
been principally for the purpose of effecting the surface drainage of
new roads on the Eoehampton Park Estate, and that the drains,
gullies, &c., have been there laid down, at the cost of the owners of
that property. A portion of the old sewer in High-street, Eoehampton,
having been found in a defective condition, was taken
up and reinstated by a twelve-inch pipe drain. A new sewer in
Roehampton Lane, is about to be commenced by the Conservative
Land Society, and in addition to which a sewer of 200 feet in
length, as sanctioned by your Board, is to be reconstructed there
at the expense of the parish. To effect the back drainage of
certain new houses on the north side of the Upper Richmond-road,

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