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Stoke Newington 1935

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Stoke Newington, The Metropolitan Borough]

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Disinfecting Plant.—In November, 1934, a report on the
Goddard, Massey & Warner disinfector was made by the insurance
company, stating that at a recent examination steam was blowing
freely from a fracture at the bottom left hand corner of the cast
iron door frame and to a lesser extent from the bottom right hand
corner at the same end, where a new fracture had occurred ; pointing
out that the machine was now 24 years old and that to recondition
it thoroughly would necessitate extensive repairs, whilst its generally
poor condition did not warrant the expenditure involved. The
Company strongly recommended that the disinfector be replaced
by a new one. In January, 1935, the Public Health Committee
with the sanction of the Council selected a Washington-Lyon Type
Steam Disinfector (5ft. by 7ft), with vacuum apparatus, as offered
by Messrs. Barford & Perkins of Grantham, as being most suitable
for the Council's requirements.
The cost of the plant, including fixing, etc., but excluding
builders' work, was £324.
The new plant was installed and put into operation in April
and has been found to give every satisfaction and to reduce
materially the time spent on disinfection.
Disinfection of Articles removed from premises after Infectious
Diseases.—A total of 10,009 textile articles was dealt with at the
disinfecting station.
283 books from the Public Library were fumigated with
formalin vapour. Bedding destroyed at request of owners—20.
Cleansing Station.—The Borough Council's agreement with
the London County Council to supply the necessary accommodation
and equipment for the bathing and cleansing of verminous school
children was continued during the year. Under the London County
Council scheme the work of cleansing is supervised by a school
nurse, who devotes every morning and two afternoons a week to
this work.

Statement of the activities of the year is as follows:—

Cases of Impetigo454
Cases of Nitty and Verminous heads and bodies1,750
Cases of Scabies191