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Stoke Newington 1935

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Stoke Newington, The Metropolitan Borough]

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Registration of Food Premises.
Under Section 5 of London County Council (General Powers)
Act, 1932, any premises used for the sale or manufacture or storage
of ice cream or for the preparation of sausages, potted or preserved
meat or fish intended for sale must be registered by the owner or
occupier with the Metropolitan Borough Council. This power
confers upon the Borough Council the right to refuse registration
or to cancel registration where premises are unsuitable for the
purpose for which they are registered.
During the year (SO food premises were registered and kept
under observation.
Bakehouses.—There are 27 bakehouses in the borough, and
20 of these are underground. These premises were all regularly
inspected by the Sanitary Staff.
Ice Cream Premises.—There are where the manufacture or sale of this commodity is carried on.
These premises were inspected on 79 occasions.
Fish Shops.—There are 12 fishmongers, and 12 premises
are occupied and used for the cooking of fish and chipped potatoes.
These premises were frequently visited and the cooking was found
to be carried on satisfactorily and without nuisance.
Food Poisoning.—One case of food poisoning was notified
during the year. The symptoms were mild and readily responded
to simple treatment. Investigation failed to reveal the cause of the
illness, but it seems reasonable to assume from the information
available that the indisposition in this instance was due rather to
an indiscretion in diet than to true food poisoning.
176 samples were purchased under the provisions of the Act,
and submitted to the Public Analyst for analysis, of which 169
were certified to be genuine and 7 adulterated, the adulterations
thus being equivalent to 3.9% of the samples taken.
Of the total number of samples purchased 71 were milk, of
which 6 were certified to be adulterated.