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Stoke Newington 1910

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Stoke Newington, The Metropolitan Borough]

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Other measures which are called for embrace the education of the
public, as widely as possible, on the precautions which they should
adopt to escape the disease and to prevent the present sufferers from
being a danger to others. This education may be promoted by the
distribution of suitable leaflets of information and advice. The
National Association for the Prevention of Consumption is doing a
great deal in this educational crusade by means of travelling tuberculosis
exhibitions, travelling caravans (provided with a lantern and
slides), the delivery of popular lectures, and the distribution of suitable
In the County of Essex it has been decided that the County
Memorial to King Edward VII. should be associated with the prevention
of Consumption. The scheme will seek to encourage authorities
to provide shelters, and where necessary or desirable will secure
the provision of shelters for the use of individual patients, and will
establish one or more small 'Central institutions (on the Tuberculosis
Dispensary lines) within the County.
It was impossible to ascertain how the infant who contracted this
disease took up the infection. The child had scarcely been out of the
house for several weeks prior to the commencement of the disease, and
had never been taken more than short distances from home. Moreover,
there had been no case of the disease notified in Stoke Newington
for many preceding months. The home was cleanly and in good
sanitary condition; and the family of four others, all of whom were
healthy, occupied four living rooms. There still remains much that is
obscure with reference to this disease, and it is largely on this account
that during the year the London County Council, in accordance with
the provisions of Section 56, of the Public Health (London) Act,
1891, made an Order requiring the notification of the disease for a
further period of 12 months, as from and including the 13th March,

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