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Stoke Newington 1901

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Stoke Newington, The Metropolitan Borough]

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According to the Census of 1901 the population of the Borough
was then 51,247. At the previous Census of 1891 the population for
the same area was 47,988, so that the population has increased during
the past 10 years to the extent of 3,259. The net increase for the
entire Administrative County of London for the same period was
308,224 in a population which at the last census amounted to 4,536,541.
The rate of increase in the population of Stoke Newington has therefore
been slightly below that of London generally. In this Report the
rates are based on the estimated population for the middle of the year
1901 and the figure, calculated logarithmically from the increase
between 1891 and 1901, amounts to 51,328.
The number of occupied houses in the Borough in March, 1901,
amounted to 7,717, and the number of occupants to each house in the
Borough averages nearly 6.6.
The population for each of the Sub-districts is as follows :
The Northern Division of the Borough (lying North of the line
of Church Street) has a population of about 18,100, and in the Southern
Division the population is about 33,228.
The na tural increase of population by excess of births over deaths
during the year amounted to 438, as against 441 in the preceding
Number of People to the acre.—The area of the Borough amounts
to 863 acres, and this, divided among the parishioners, represents
59.5 people to the acre.
Births—Birth-rate.—During the year 1901 there were 1,111
births registered in the Borough. The birth-rate per 1,000 per
annum was therefore 21.6 as against 22.3 for the preceding year.
The rate for England and Wales was 28.5, that for London generally
was 29 0 and that for the 33 great towns was 30.0.

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